Gaming Machine Number Limits - New Calculation Method - Action Required

16 April 2021

Following an April 2021 Gambling Commission decision, clubs will need to change the way they add and remove machines on their venue licences in order to avoid accidentally losing the ability to operate machines.

Any club that is currently operating less than its permitted maximum number of machines, needs to promptly have additional machines listed on the venue licence schedule in order to retain its maximum machine entitlement.

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CONCERN Database - Exclusions must be approved

15 April 2021

Clubs operating Class 4 Gaming Machines must ensure that MVE exclusions received via the CONCERN Database are acknowledged and approved within a reasonable amount of time. 

We recommend that club managers login to the CONCERN Database as soon as you receive the email notifying you of a new exclusion within the database, this will avoid a backlog forming.

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Incomplete club licence renewal applications (GC7s)

1 April 2021

The DIA has reached out to Clubs New Zealand to express its concern at the large number of incomplete club licence renewals (GC7s) being submitted, claiming that some are virtually empty.

The DIA have exercised some discretion in response to incomplete applications, however, they have now stated that "there must come a point at which we must say enough is enough". The DIA have the power to return incomplete applications. They have chosen not to do that to a meaningful extent yet. But they may need to. If that were to happen, the clubs involved would likely need to stop their gaming activities. It all becomes a bit complex quite quickly.

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Concern Database Changes

31 March 2021

Over the past week we have been updating the Concern Database to comply with the latest requirements from the DIA and Salvation Army.  Using a generic name such as Manager or the club name to sign the exclusions is no longer accepted.  A full name is not necessary, just the first name of the manager (or person responsible for gaming exclusions) is fine.  We have been updating records to match the name we have on file.  If you would like to use a different name, please contact Leigh so he can update as required.

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December 2020 shows record high spending at pokie machines

12 March 2021

The latest quarterly statistics published by Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) show a significant increase in Gaming Machine Profits (GMP) in the last months of 2020.

Quarterly GMP for December 2020 ($252 million) was the highest quarterly figure documented since records began in 2007. The next highest was December 2007 at $245 million followed by September 2019 at $244 million.

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Gambling Commission Rules That Clubs are Entitled to a Reduced Authorised Purpose Return and May Retain a Greater Amount of Gaming Proceeds as Working Capital – Covid-19 Relief

17 February 2021

A recent decision from the Gambling Commission has paved the way for clubs to apply to have their minimum authorised purpose percentage for their current financial year waived.  The decision also enables clubs to hold a larger amount of gaming machine proceeds in reserve as working capital.

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Covering coin slots is unlawful

17 December 2020

The Department of Internal Affairs is aware that some venues are restricting players from inserting $2 coins in gaming machines by covering or taping over the machine coin slot. We view this as tampering with approved gaming equipment.

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Changes to gambling licensing

26 November 2020

The DIA have now completed the system upgrade and are able to process applications and issue licences again. You may notice a few changes as a result of the system changes that have been made:

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Are your Gaming Compliance Manuals up to date?

12 November 2020

At the beginning of 2019 all Clubs New Zealand member clubs that operate class 4 gaming machines were provided with the Clubs New Zealand Gaming Compliance Manuals.  The folders were produced by Clubs New Zealand with support from the Department of Internal Affairs and legal experts, with the simple aim of assisting clubs improve their compliance with the Gambling Act and The Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004.

The folders have been in clubs for almost two years now and we trust that they have become a part of your everyday gaming activities.

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DIA Update - Upcoming changes to Gambling Licensing

8 October 2020

The Department of Internal Affairs emailed licence holders in early September to let you know about some internal system changes they will be making in early November.

This update is to confirm that from Monday 2 November until Tuesday 10 November 2020 inclusive (7 working days) the DIA will be unable to issue new licences / COAs or amendments, including for electronic gambling equipment changes.

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CONCERN Database for Gaming Exclusion Orders

8 October 2020

The new Concern database is now online and all clubs should be using the system to add their exclusion orders.

To begin using the database go to and enter your email address which will send you link so that you can login. The system does not use passwords so you will need to sign in from the link that is emailed to you every time. The link will also expire after ten minutes.

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Using the CONCERN MVE Database?

23 September 2020

The CONCERN MVE Database was launched at the end of July this year and enables venues to access to an online web portal (venue profile page) that has the option to add exclusions, accept MVEs and provide a list of all active exclusions for your venue (think much less paper and much faster process).

Leigh is up to date on adding users to the CONCERN database, so if you are still unable to login to add exclusions or to confirm exclusion requests, please contact Leigh asap so we can get this sorted.

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