Gambling Compliance - Gambits Newsletter - May 2019

16 May 2019

Lisa Docherty has been appointed Director Regulatory System Gambling. She will take over from Chris Thornborough in June.

Lisa is currently the Director Regulatory Partners at the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment, where she works across the Building regulatory system to ensure it is well connected and working to deliver the best possible outcomes.

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Initial Cashless Gaming Discussion

8 May 2019

Earlier this week team members from Clubs New Zealand were invited to attend the DIA’s preliminary discussion on cashless gaming. Also, in attendance were representatives from Hospitality New Zealand, Manufacturers, Problem Gambling Foundation, Societies, GMANZ, Ministry of Health, AUT and the financial sector including the Reserve Bank.

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New Zealand's Community Funding Gambling Model Under Threat from Regulator's Bold Plan to Go 100% Cashless

8 May 2019

New Zealand is incredibly fortunate to have a gambling framework that is focused on raising funds for community purposes. Approximately $2.3 billion is spent each year in New Zealand on gambling. The largest share of this, approximately $895 million, is the money spent on gaming machines located outside of New Zealand’s six casinos (gaming machines in pubs and clubs).

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Online Gaming and Potential Gambling Act and Regulation Amendments

2 May 2019

Yesterday afternoon Clubs New Zealand staff met with DIA team members to discuss online gambling and the DIA's Class 4 Regulatory Work Programme.

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Gambling Compliance - 11 April 2019

12 April 2019

The below information is taken from Gambits - News for the Gambling Sector published on 11 April 2019.

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A guide to Class 4 gambling in clubs

28 March 2019

The Department of Internal Affairs have just completed a Class 4 Gambling in Clubs booklet which is aimed as a guide for those who govern, manage or work for clubs with a licence to operate gaming machines in New Zealand.

The guide can be downloaded below. It will also be made avaliable on the DIA website and our understanding is that regulators will be taking hard copies out when visiting clubs.

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First prosecution for failing to identify a problem gambler

27 March 2019

Gambling Regulator announces first prosecution for failing to identify a problem gambler

Director of Gambling, Chris Thornborough, today announced that the Department of Internal Affairs (the Department) has charged a manager of a gambling venue for allegedly failing to take all reasonable steps to identify a problem gambler.

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Gambits: News for the Gambling Sector

12 March 2019

The first issue of Gambits was sent out on Tuesday 12th March 2019. In the March issue the DIA indicate that they intend to move to a monthly publishing schedule and are currently exploring changes to the newsletters template.

Below we have extracted snippets of information from Gambits, we expect the full version to be published on the DIAs website shortly.

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Gambling Harm Service Referral Form

7 March 2019

In September last year The Salvation Army Oasis along with the Ministry of Health launched the Multi Venue (MVE) National Administration Service (NSA). The aim of the newly launched service was to streamline and facilitate the Multi Venue Exclusion requests (MVE Requests).

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Introducing the Clubs New Zealand Gaming Compliance Manuals

21 February 2019

By now most clubs that operate Class 4 Gaming Machines will have received a package containing the brand-new gambling compliance folders as part of our Clubs Gaming Assist Programme. The folders have been produced by Clubs New Zealand with support from the Department of Internal Affairs and legal experts, with the simple aim of assisting clubs improve their compliance with the Gambling Act and The Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004.

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Happy and safe holidays from the Gambling Regulator

18 December 2018

I wanted to introduce myself as the new Director of Gambling. I took over from Gareth Bostock in November. I will be acting in this role until April next year.

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Introducing Clubs New Zealand Gaming Management Support

15 November 2018

Clubs New Zealand is proud to now be offering Gaming Management Support to its member clubs.

Class 4 Gaming in clubs is unique and requires a club focused approach that aims to streamline renewals and compliance, while maximising performance to ensure each clubs gaming operation is sustainable and providing benefits to the club and the community that it operates in.

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