Clubs New Zealand Template Employment Agreements - Updated

18 November 2021

In light of the recent and incoming employment law changes we have had the Clubs New Zealand template employment agreements reviewed and updated where required.

The updated Clubs New Zealand Individual Employment Agreement Template and the Clubs New Zealand Casual Employment Agreement Template have been loaded in the Clubs New Zealand resource room for members to access.

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Christmas and New Year Public Holiday Entitlements 2021/22

11 November 2021

This year the Christmas and New Year public holidays fall on Saturday 25 December, Sunday 26 December, Saturday 1 January and Sunday 2 January meaning that Mondayisation and even Tuesdayisation are going to be in play.

Below is a brief overview of the entitlements for these holidays, if you require further information please contact Clubs New Zealand on 0800 4 CLUBS or visit the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website at

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Covid may be a Game Changer, but the Rules are Unchanged

18 October 2021

The pandemic has had a number of far reaching and adverse impacts on many aspects of society, some of which were not foreseeable. However, one sadly predictable effect is the severe financial impact on some businesses caused by extended lockdowns. Whilst government help has been available, it will not be enough for some businesses, and they will be turning to retrenchment and redundancies to survive.

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Employment Status - not always a piece of cake

15 July 2021

How often can you have your cake and eat it?  Once in a while an Employment Court decision comes along and suggests that that is perfectly possible, metaphorically speaking of course.

In the recent Employment Court case of Ross Barry v CI Builders Limited, Mr Barry, a builder, managed to persuade the court that he was an employee (enabling him to raise a personal grievance) even though he had happily accepted an independent contractor’s arrangement at the start of the relationship, three years before. So, why is this?

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Sick Leave entitlement increasing soon

9 July 2021

The Government approved the increase of an employee’s sick leave entitlements from 5 days per year to 10 days per year, effective from 24 July 2021.

The extra 5 paid days would become available on the anniversary of the employee’s sick leave entitlement, that is, six months after the employee started employment with the employer, then each 12 month anniversary thereafter.

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Dealing with false or misleading vaccine information in your workplace

17 June 2021

Not everything online is factual and accurate. We can quickly and subconsciously accept news that aligns with our beliefs and negatively react to information that is different. It’s important to take time and reflect when you read something about the COVID-19 vaccine, before acting.

Social media companies typically use algorithms to pick up false and misleading information. You may have seen a flag or small message on certain posts advising that the information is related to COVID-19 and will link you to a trusted source. These aren’t 100% fool proof. It’s important to remain vigilant with the information you share or post online. Always cross-check and review anything online regarding the vaccine by using the reliable sources listed below. 

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Sick Leave Increasing

26 May 2021

Labour's Bill to double employer-funded sick leave for employees, has passed the third reading in Parliament this month.

The Bill is supposed to come into force 2 months from enactment which makes for a mid July date.

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Are your employment agreements up to date following the minimum wage increase?

12 May 2021

As you will all know the adult minimum wage in New Zealand increased to $20.00 per hour on 1 April, 2021.  As a result of this we expect many clubs have had to adjust pay rates for employees.  

If you have changed an employees hourly wage or salary it is important that you update the individual employment agreement to reflect this.

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Holidays Act Review Recommendations Accepted

29 April 2021

In 2018 The Government established the Holidays Act Taskforce to suggest improvements to the Holidays Act, following a joint request from unions and employers.

The Taskforce included employer, worker and government representatives and was chaired by Gordon Anderson, a law professor at Victoria University with extensive experience in employment law.

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ANZAC Day 2021 - Trading Hours, Special Licences and Employee Entitlements

8 April 2021

ANZAC Day 2021 is only a couple of weeks away and no doubt our RSA members are anticipating a huge turn out after last years commemorations were held from within bubbles.  This ANZAC Day falls on Sunday 25th April, the public holiday is Mondayised for those whom Sunday is not otherwise a working day.

Below is an overview on trading hours, special licence requirements and employee entitlements for ANZAC Day.

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Easter Public Holidays - Employee Entitlements

25 March 2021

This year Easter Friday falls on Friday 2nd April and Easter Monday falls on Monday 5th April. It is also important to remember that while not a public holiday Easter Sunday does have its own set of rules you must be familiar with.

Below is a quick overview of the public holiday entitlements, if you require further information please contact National Office or visit the website.

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Minimum wage rises by $1.10 on 1 April 2021

23 March 2021

The Government has  confirmed that the adult minimum wage will increase, from $18.90 to $20.00 per hour on 1 April 2021.

The starting-out and training minimum wage rates will also increase on 1 April 2021, from $15.12 to $16.00 per hour.

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