Food safety: New tools for food rules

12 September 2019

If you run a business that grows, makes, sells, stores or transports food, there are food safety requirements you must meet. New Zealand Food Safety, a business group of the Ministry for Primary Industries, has worked with food businesses, councils and verifiers to develop three new tools to help you understand and meet the food rules for your business.

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Food for thought

1 August 2018

The appointment of a contract caterer is a very important matter for any club. The committee and management need to decide what it wants from the appointment. For example, how will the contract caterer fit in with other club activities such as function and other special events?

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Future Eaters

19 April 2018

As the hospitality industry grows and businesses continue to compete for customer spend, the question for clubs is how to produce customer experiences that appeal to a modern society where emotional resonance is so highly valued.

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Menu Makeover

2 November 2017

While your gaming floor offering, decor, location, layout and employees are all important factors contributing to attracting new customers and retaining regular patrons, there's one other pressing factor that should not be overlooked; your food. With tastes, trends and demographics constantly changing venues need to find ways to spruce up their menu to capture different target markets, increase profitability and improve a venue's overall appeal.

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Invitation to special food safety workshop - win a free promotional video

20 October 2017

MPI warmly invites all clubs who sell food to a free workshop on 30 October to help create and test food safety resources.

MPI is developing a ‘Toolbox’ filled with resources to make it easy for food businesses to understand and meet food safety rules.

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New Food Act applies to clubs

28 September 2017

Changes to the Food Act 2014 apply this year to unlicensed clubs that serve and sell food, or provide food as part of a fee. If this sounds like you, you’ll need to register under the Food Act before March 2018. If you don’t need to register, you’ll need to keep making food that’s safe and suitable.

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Register for the Food Act now

7 June 2017

By now, any clubs that provide meals, and have a liquor licence, should have applied to register for the new Food Act. If you haven’t yet applied, please register before 30 June – this is the last deadline for registering, before formal action will be taken.

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What food safety tools does your business need?

21 March 2017

The Ministry for Primary Industries have just released a new template food control plan – to make it easier for businesses like yours to comply with the Food Act.

Now they want to know what other tools you need. What else would help you follow your plan? This might include training materials, record keeping, videos – or anything that could make food safety easier.

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Contracting out the club's catering - things to consider before you negotiate a deal with a caterer

21 March 2017

It goes without saying that there is an increasing focus on the type and quality of food offered by clubs. The decision on how to best provide the right food at the right price is clearly a very important one. What it comes down to is whether it wishes to engage an external caterer.

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The Economics of Food - 4 tips for a profitable food operation

16 March 2017

Many clubs ask what is the best way to run their food operations? In-house, with all the pain of finding and keeping chefs, kitchen hands and wait staff, or contract it out and remove that headache? Well there is no right or wrong answer, just what suits you best at the time.

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Front of House

16 March 2017

Food is the number one driver of patrons to clubs and a critical part of the equation is how your front of house staff handle the interaction. Does dining at your clubs have a "wow" factor or a "whoa" factor?

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New Food Control Plan Out Now

8 March 2017

MPI is excited to launch the new-look template food control plan (the plan businesses use to manage food safety).

The new 'simply safe and suitable' template is now available on the MPI website. It comes with a new digital tool, which helps businesses select the parts that apply to them.

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