Recording Exclusion Order Breaches within the CONCERN Database

23 June 2022

Section 311 of the Gambling Act 2003 outlines the requirements to remove a person who enters a gambling venue in breach of an exclusion order, once you have removed that person, the Act and Regulations are pretty silent on what you should do next.  

The CONCERN Database has introduced breach notification functionality, this will enable venue managers and the National MVE Admin to add in breaches against an excluded person.

Once you become aware that an excluded person has breached their exclusion order by entering the gaming area within the club, you will need to record this within the CONCERN Database.  Once logged the details of the breach will be passed on to either the appropriate counsellor or regional MVE coordinator to contact the excluded person. Based on feedback from Counsellor/MV Coordinator the National MVE Admin will add in notes under the “Action Taken” section so venue staff can know what the outcome is.

Step by Step Guidance for the CONCERN Database Breach Functionality

In the event that a person breaches multiple times, a push notification will be sent to all the venues that a person has been excluded from.  If you receive a notification regarding a person who has breached their exclusion order, you would highlight this excluded person as a high risk person of interest for monitoring purposes.

If you have any questions regarding the CONCERN Database please contact 

Ganesh Vijayanath | National MVE Administrator

The Salvation Army Oasis

National Office ASARS 

P: 09 639 1106  | M: +64211907218



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