The Clubs New Zealand 2022 Wage and Salary Survey is Open

9 June 2022

The Clubs New Zealand Wage and Salary Survey is back for 2022 and open for all clubs to complete now.

The results from the Wage and Salary Survey allow us to create the annual Wage and Salary Guide which is an incredibly sought after resource.  The Wage and Salary Guide will only be prepared if we receive enough responses to the survey, as we want to ensure we are creating relevant and meaningful resources for clubs to use.

You can complete the survey using the link below;

Complete the 2022 Wage and Salary Survey Now

Completing the Survey

The first page of the survey contains a number of questions regarding geography, membership size and number of employees.  The questions on this page are required and you will not be able to move forward until you have completed them.

The next page is where you will find questions regarding the various roles.  As not all clubs will employee all positions listed, these questions are not mandatory, however, we do ask that if you employee those positions you take the time to complete the questions.

The survey is asking for the average salary or wage for each position as well as the average weekly hours.

The survey will be available to complete until 31 July 2022, if you have any questions please contact

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