Prospective Employment Changes

5 October 2017

Whilst the election outcome remains uncertain it seems some changes to the employment environment are likely, perhaps regardless of the composition of the new government. With New Zealand First having a key role its worth examining what some of the changes may look like. Based on pre-election policies some of the policies worth reflecting on are:

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Kindergarten Workplace Bullying Results in $100K Payout

5 October 2017

A bullied kindergarten teacher has been awarded almost $100,000 after the Employment Relations Authority found she was unjustifiably dismissed.

The Authority found that the teacher “Mrs T”, had been bullied by her manager who had a track record of bullying other workers.

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Is your clubs joining process helping or hindering?

4 October 2017

Back in August we published the article “modernising your constitution” which focused on the need for clubs to seriously look at their constitutions and determine whether they were acting as a deterrent to attracting a broad thinking pool of committee members. This article naturally led me to wonder whether many club constitutions are in the same way acting as a barrier to attracting those elusive “younger members”.

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Get your hands on the future

With the Clubs New Zealand App

Get your hands on the future with Clubs New Zealand's App which can be downloaded on both Apple and Android.  The Clubs New Zealand App is all about helping you get more out of your membership. As a member of a club you can access any of our network of 300 member clubs as a reciprocal visitor and visiting a club is a breeze with the new digital membership card.


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