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Online Voting Options

25 March 2022

Whether its just to give better voting access to more of your members, or to increase your voter turnout, many clubs are considering online solutions for committee voting.  Leigh takes a closer look at services available and reports on findings below:

We’ll start with the gold standard at any price option.  With a $5000 base price, and $200 per candidate, Electionz is not the option for everyone. But if you need someone to look after the entire online voting process and don’t care what it costs, then maybe this is for you.

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MEDIA RELEASE: New Report highlights the broad, diverse, and significant Club Industry

24 March 2022

Clubs New Zealand says the new census report clearly reveals the club industry’s economic impact, but more importantly the impact that clubs have on their 300,000+ members and the wider community’s that they operate within.

The report produced by Clubs New Zealand, following a census of the membership, which took place between September and December 2021, provides an in-depth view of New Zealand’s club industry.  

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Changes to the Covid Protection Framework, Vaccine Passes and Mandates

24 March 2022

On Wednesday 23rd of March the Prime Minister announced a number of changes to the Covid 19 Protection Framework, Vaccine Passes and Mandates.  These changes will take effect between 25 March and 4 April 2022.

A summary of these changes are outlined below.  As with any Covid-19 related announcement, the devil is in the detail aka the Public Health Order and we must be prepared for “tweaks”.  We will closely review the Public Health Order once released and update our guidance accordingly. 

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MEDIA RELEASE: Changes to Covid Protection Framework do not go far enough for Clubs.

23 March 2022

Clubs New Zealand and its membership is once again left feeling disappointed and ignored over the Governments refusal to budge on Club Sport, says Clubs New Zealand.

“Of course, the changes that were announced were welcome ones, however, they do not go far enough for the club industry, and our members are tired of being ignored, says Chief Executive Larry Graham.

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Have your say! Reducing pokies harm

21 March 2022

The Department of Internal Affairs have recently sent out communications inviting Class 4 venues and stakeholders to participate in a consultation on Reducing pokies harm. They are interested in hearing about your experiences and views on how we can best protect people from gambling harm in pubs and clubs.

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Is it time to Ditch the Plastic?

15 March 2022

We have created an easier way for your staff to verify that your visitors have had their pass checked by the club.  Our solution adds a green tick and ‘pass checked’ message to the digital membership card in the Clubs New Zealand App.  The stickers on the plastic cards used by some clubs were a great interim measure, but don’t account for members having different expiry dates moving forward. 

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Further financial support for sport and recreation organisations located in Northland, Auckland and Waikato

3 March 2022

On the 28th of February, Hon Grant Robertson announced more support for sport and recreation organisations in the Auckland, Northland and Waikato regions financially affected by the extended COVID alert level restrictions between August and December last year.
The financial assistance will support local and regional sport and recreation organisations and providers who are experiencing financial hardship with fixed administration and operating costs.

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COMING SOON – Vaccine Pass Expiry to be added to digital membership cards

28 February 2022

We have added a green tick and ‘pass checked’ message to the digital membership card in the Clubs New Zealand App.  The stickers on the plastic cards were a great interim measure, but generally don’t account for a six month expiry date.  This way you just provide us with the expiry dates and we will look after it for you.  

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Clubs New Zealand 2022 Annual Report

24 February 2022

With preparations for the Clubs New Zealand 2022 Digital Annual General Meeting almost complete the Clubs New Zealand Board is pleased to present the 2022 Annual Report for the year ending 31 December 2021.

An electronic copy of the report is now available to download using the link below;

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Concern Database: New Functionality

23 February 2022

The Salvation Army Oasis team are rolling out a new Breach notification functionality on the CONCERN database that will assist with the management of exclusion breaches.

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Government announces new financial support for businesses impacted by Omicron

23 February 2022

During Monday's post cabinet press conference Hon Grant Robertson announced new financial support for businesses affected by Omicron.

It has been acknowledged that despite the move to the Covid Protection Framework, in some sectors, like hospitality and events, there has been a significant drop-off in business.  There are a range of reasons for this, but it is clear that the impact is putting a number of viable businesses at rick of not being able to operate.

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How to recognise spam and scam emails

16 February 2022

Spam and scam emails are not a new concept, but they are getting more sophisticated and sometimes it can be really hard to tell the difference between spam, scams and legitimate emails.

Leigh has created a quick video to help you recognise spam and scam emails, so you don't give away your credit card details, or allow unwanted access to your computer.

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