First prosecution for failing to identify a problem gambler

27 March 2019

Gambling Regulator announces first prosecution for failing to identify a problem gambler

Director of Gambling, Chris Thornborough, today announced that the Department of Internal Affairs (the Department) has charged a manager of a gambling venue for allegedly failing to take all reasonable steps to identify a problem gambler.

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Upcoming Employment Law Changes

14 March 2019

Rest and Meal Breaks

Following the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018 from 6 May 2019 all employees will be entitled to the prescribed rest and meal break which, unless the parties agree otherwise, MUST BE TAKEN at the prescribed times. While it may be possible for an employer and employee to agree to change when the breaks happen, they cannot agree to a shorter break length.

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Get ready for the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO

13 March 2019

This time next week the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, Expo & AGM hosted by the Tauranga Citizens Clubs will be getting under way.

Registrations will open from 10.00am at the Tauranga Citizens Club. As always the National Office team will be on hand to get you registered and answer your questions. Kicking off at the same time will be the 2019 Hospitality Expo, please ensure you arrive early in order to give yourselves plenty of time to visit the expo and chat to all our brilliant exhibitors.

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Gambits: News for the Gambling Sector

12 March 2019

The first issue of Gambits was sent out on Tuesday 12th March 2019. In the March issue the DIA indicate that they intend to move to a monthly publishing schedule and are currently exploring changes to the newsletters template.

Below we have extracted snippets of information from Gambits, we expect the full version to be published on the DIAs website shortly.

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Get prepared for Easter and ANZAC day - Trading Hours, Special Licences and Employee Entitlements

7 March 2019

Good Friday is kicking off the Easter and ANZAC Day public holidays for 2019 on Friday 19th April. With these holidays, there is always some confusion around the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and how it applies to trading hours for Club Licences. If you are going to be seeking a special licence over any of these holidays the cut off date is fast approaching, so now is the time to get those applications in.

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Gambling Harm Service Referral Form

7 March 2019

In September last year The Salvation Army Oasis along with the Ministry of Health launched the Multi Venue (MVE) National Administration Service (NSA). The aim of the newly launched service was to streamline and facilitate the Multi Venue Exclusion requests (MVE Requests).

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Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO - Introducing Clyde Fernandez

6 March 2019

The count down to the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM and Expo is well and truly on. The Tauranga Citizens Club, Clubs New Zealand Board and National Office team are looking forward to welcoming all those registered in two weeks time. This years agenda is packed and aimed at ensuring that there is a wide range of topics. In addition to the presentations we have the Clubs New Zealand expo which is once again proving to be a popular option for both attendees and exhibitors, please make sure you head to the Tauranga Citizens Club as early as possible on Thursday 21st March to ensure you get the most out of this awesome opportunity.

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Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO - Introducing Nick Brabham

27 February 2019

Registrations for the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO have closed. Clubs New Zealand team at the Tauranga Citizens Club look forward to catching up with all those who have registered in just a few short weeks.

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Revisitation of Rest and Meal Breaks

22 February 2019

A series of amendments to the Employment Relations Act will take effect from 6 May 2019 including revision of Part 6D of the Act; Rest and Meal Break provisions. These new changes will effectively reverse amendments made by the previous government in March 2015 and reenact the original 2009 provisions. It is timely therefore to reflect on the law as it stood in March 2015 (before the changes) to determine what these new (old) changes will mean for us.

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Introducing the Clubs New Zealand Gaming Compliance Manuals

21 February 2019

By now most clubs that operate Class 4 Gaming Machines will have received a package containing the brand-new gambling compliance folders as part of our Clubs Gaming Assist Programme. The folders have been produced by Clubs New Zealand with support from the Department of Internal Affairs and legal experts, with the simple aim of assisting clubs improve their compliance with the Gambling Act and The Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004.

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The Membership Sub: It is more than a token fee

21 February 2019

The below article was first published on the Clubs New Zealand website in April 2017. With the questions the article raised still being pondered today it is a good time to revive it.

With the continual battle to get bums on seats, many clubs are looking to their membership fees to attract renewals and new members. The question that must now be asked "is it having the desired effect".

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$9000 for 1 days' work

14 February 2019

An extraordinary decision from the Employment Relation Authorities (ERA) recently saw a cafe worker who did a days' trial awarded $9000.

If we were unsure before, this case removes any doubt: awards from the ERA are going up.

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