Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO - Introducing Clyde Fernandez

6 March 2019

The count down to the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM and Expo is well and truly on. The Tauranga Citizens Club, Clubs New Zealand Board and National Office team are looking forward to welcoming all those registered in two weeks time. This years agenda is packed and aimed at ensuring that there is a wide range of topics. In addition to the presentations we have the Clubs New Zealand expo which is once again proving to be a popular option for both attendees and exhibitors, please make sure you head to the Tauranga Citizens Club as early as possible on Thursday 21st March to ensure you get the most out of this awesome opportunity.

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Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO - Introducing Nick Brabham

27 February 2019

Registrations for the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO have closed. Clubs New Zealand team at the Tauranga Citizens Club look forward to catching up with all those who have registered in just a few short weeks.

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Revisitation of Rest and Meal Breaks

22 February 2019

A series of amendments to the Employment Relations Act will take effect from 6 May 2019 including revision of Part 6D of the Act; Rest and Meal Break provisions. These new changes will effectively reverse amendments made by the previous government in March 2015 and reenact the original 2009 provisions. It is timely therefore to reflect on the law as it stood in March 2015 (before the changes) to determine what these new (old) changes will mean for us.

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Introducing the Clubs New Zealand Gaming Compliance Manuals

21 February 2019

By now most clubs that operate Class 4 Gaming Machines will have received a package containing the brand-new gambling compliance folders as part of our Clubs Gaming Assist Programme. The folders have been produced by Clubs New Zealand with support from the Department of Internal Affairs and legal experts, with the simple aim of assisting clubs improve their compliance with the Gambling Act and The Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004.

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The Membership Sub: It is more than a token fee

21 February 2019

The below article was first published on the Clubs New Zealand website in April 2017. With the questions the article raised still being pondered today it is a good time to revive it.

With the continual battle to get bums on seats, many clubs are looking to their membership fees to attract renewals and new members. The question that must now be asked "is it having the desired effect".

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$9000 for 1 days' work

14 February 2019

An extraordinary decision from the Employment Relation Authorities (ERA) recently saw a cafe worker who did a days' trial awarded $9000.

If we were unsure before, this case removes any doubt: awards from the ERA are going up.

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Introducing the Alcohol Consulting Group

30 January 2019

We all know that Alcohol Licensing and ensuring compliance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 can eat up a lot of time, which is why Clubs New Zealand is thrilled to be partnering with the newly formed Alcohol Consulting Group (ACG).

ACG is a nationwide company that can support your club with all your alcohol compliance requirements. This support includes completing alcohol licensing applications on your behalf, training your staff, and managing your alcohol-related risks. ACG can help you meet the requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 while you focus on running a successful club.

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Christchurch restaurant falls victim to nationwide scam targeting hospitality companies

30 January 2019

Restaurants across New Zealand are being targeted by a scam that has left at least one Christchurch business thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Fraudsters are sending emails to hospitality companies asking them to prepare food for functions such as a wedding or birthday party. They use stolen credit cards to pay and ask the restaurants to charge a higher value to a credit card than what the food cost.

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Wage Scale Not Compulsory - Insulting Behaviour Ok

30 January 2019

A recent article on Stuff titled “It’s legal to insult an employer in wage negotiations” examined a recent Employment Court decision Kaikorai Service Centre Limited v. First Union Inc. The article focussed on the employer’s unsuccessful objection, in a good faith setting, to the union’s use of a giant inflatable Rat (with the store owner’s name hung around its neck) during picketing action, and the use of insulting banners. However, the main thrust of the case, a successful challenge to allegations that the employer failed to bargain in good faith, was largely ignored in the article.

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Clubs New Zealand 2019 Annual Conference, AGM + Expo - Get ready to be entertained

24 January 2019

Along with the opportunities to learn something new, network and discuss the club industry the Clubs New Zealand Conference, AGM + Expo gives attendees the chance to relax, unwind, experience the hospitality on offer at the host club and of course enjoy some amazing musical talent.

The 2019 Conference, AGM + Expo will be no different with the Tauranga Citizens Club arranging some brilliant entertainment throughout the conference.

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IRD Payday Filing

22 January 2019

By now you will have heard about payday filing and that from the 1 April 2019 employers must:

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Time to Focus

17 January 2019

2018 was a tumultuous year in the corporate world, with numerous emerging risks and challenges, exacerbated by growing regulation and greater public scrutiny. The bar has been lifted in regard to greater accountability and expectations of those charged with governance. In addition, the reputation risk of not maintaining appropriate standards has never been higher.

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