Updated Reciprocal Rights Posters

18 December 2019

With Christmas and New Year's Holidays just around the corner, many club members will be getting ready for their annual getaways to visit friends, family, their favourite holiday spots and no doubt visit other clubs along way.

We have updated the downloadable reciprocal rights posters for you to display in your clubs reminding members about reciprocal rights and the Clubs New Zealand app. The posters feature QR codes which when scanned will provide members more information on reciprocal rights and access to download the app.

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Clubs New Zealand Christmas Hours and Important Dates 2019/20

18 December 2019

Clubs New Zealand National Office will be closed over the Christmas break from Friday 20th December 2019 through to Monday 6th January 2020. As always the National Office team will be available during this period if you have any questions or require assistance.

Our main office line 0800 4 CLUBS (0800 425 827) and landline 04 815 9007 will be diverted to staff members, alternatively you can contact any of us via our email addresses listed below;

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Web Browser updates – Important information for Clubs accessing EMS reports

5 December 2019

In March web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox) will be dropping support for some of the old security methods.  What does this mean to you?  If your web browser is still running old security, you will no longer be able to access many websites.  The biggest concern for clubs is access to the VMS or EMS for your gaming systems, especially but not limited to, if you are using an old windows xp or vista machine for this.

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Marketing etiquette for your business over the festive season

3 December 2019

Plan early and plan more than you think
Are you thinking about major changes to your website or looking to launch a brilliant new marketing campaign before Christmas? You might want to hold that thought! Social media is flooded with sales promotions and festive giveaways with everyone jumping on the Christmas bandwagon, so if you launch a new campaign at this time of year you run the risk of getting lost in all the Christmas noise. Our advice - stay active on your channels as you're currently doing but save your new marketing campaign ideas (and advertising budget!) for the new year.

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Setting up Digital Advertising Signage

3 December 2019

We have recently received a couple of enquiries regarding recommendations for digital signage.  For those that don’t know the term, digital signage allows you to display information on a TV screen or monitor connected to your computer.  Often used to advertise upcoming events, drink specials, even food/snack menus can be scheduled to display a lunch menu during the day and a dinner menu in the evening for the restaurant.

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Save the Date for Clubs New Zealand Family Race Day

27 November 2019

We're excited and can't wait to have you and your Club on-course!

Saturday 23rd January is the first Clubs New Zealand Family Day at Wellington Races.

This family raceday is perfect to pitch up a tent in the sunshine, enjoy a picnic on the lawn and have a flutter on the racing while the kids can run wild on a huge range off FREE activities. 

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The title of smartest club has been claimed

20 November 2019

On Saturday the finals of the Inaugural Clubs New Zealand Quiz Championship went down at the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club.  This was a highly anticipated event to crown New Zealand's smartest club. 

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Club Website Solutions

20 November 2019

It is no secret that a few clubs have been experiencing challenges with your websites.  Often the sites have been commissioned by someone in the past who has since parted ways, or the design company has disappeared making it difficult to keep things updated.  Or perhaps they are dated, or aren’t mobile friendly.

If you are considering a change we can help.  Leigh has had good experience with Shopify e-commerce websites (www.shopify.com).  They are a large Canadian company with more than a million customers worldwide, and a decent New Zealand presence.

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Work Christmas Functions - Quick tips to keep them festive

14 November 2019

Christmas Functions are all about celebrating the year that has been and giving your employees a chance to get together and have a bit of fun, however, they have developed a bit of a reputation over the years, most of us will hear a story in the next few weeks of someone celebrating a little too much. As employers it is important to remember that you have responsibilities for your staff members at any work-related Christmas functions, so here are some quick tips.

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Clubs New Zealand Nominations for Office

5 November 2019

Nominations for Office are now open.  The Clubs New Zealand constitution requires that we appoint/confirm the following officers:

1 x President
1 x Area Board Member (13 areas)

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Setting up your online services account with the Companies Office

30 October 2019

The new Incorporated Societies Register was launched on 30 September 2019 and makes it much easier to keep up to date with your clubs filing requirements under the Incorporated Societies Act.

If you haven't had a look at the new Incorporated Societies Register we recommend you visit https://is-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz/ and familiarise yourself with the site before your club has filing due. Someone within the club will also need to register for the online services account in order to maintain your incorporated society. There are two steps to setting up an account - ensuring you have a RealMe login, and choosing the type of account you need.

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Adding a new category of membership in your club

29 October 2019

Adding a new category of membership to your club’s constitution can be a great way to encourage more people to join, and ultimately get people into your club and using the facilities where they may otherwise not be able to.

Introducing a new membership category does require research and planning. As the old saying goes “measure twice, cut once”, you want to ensure that when you introduce the new membership category to your constitution that you get it right the first time.

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Get your hands on the future

With the Clubs New Zealand App

Get your hands on the future with Clubs New Zealand's App which can be downloaded on both Apple and Android.  The Clubs New Zealand App is all about helping you get more out of your membership. As a member of a club you can access any of our network of 300 member clubs as a reciprocal visitor and visiting a club is a breeze with the new digital membership card.


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