Clubs New Zealand 2017 Conference & AGM Wrap Up

30 March 2017

The Clubs New Zealand 2017 Conference & AGM was held from 23rd through to 25th March at the Clubs of Marlborough in Blenheim. It takes a lot of work to put together a conference & AGM of this size and we would like to thank the team at Clubs of Marlborough for their tireless effort, dedication and support in making this year’s conference & AGM a success.

Below is a wrap up of the 2017 Conference & AGM and where possible we have included PDF versions of the speaker’s presentations for you to view. Photos from the over the three days will be made available shortly on our Facebook page and we encourage you to share any snaps you have.

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Count down to the 2017 Conference - Visit the Expo for your chance to WIN

9 March 2017

The Clubs New Zealand Conference Expo has become a firm favourite and must attend event on the conference programme. This years Expo will be held on Thursday 23rd March from 10.00am till 6.00pm in the Clubs of Marlborough Main Hall.

Featuring a wide range of exhibitors we encourage you to come along enjoy a beer or wine, have a nosey and of course a chat with the wonderful exhibitors to see how they could help your club. As always you will have your chance to win an iPad Air 2 simply by having a chat to all our exhibitors and getting your expo passport completed.

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Communication from David Grice - nzclubdirectory

2 March 2017

Earlier this week we emailed all clubs after we were advised that David Grice was contacting clubs promoting a website called nzclubdirectory. Since sending that email we have received a lot of feedback from clubs who have or are currently taking legal action against Mr Grice.

In light of this we recommend that clubs do not engage with Mr Grice or nzclubdirectory.

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Are You Socially Sorted? Here are some quick tips to get you started

23 February 2017

Social media has created new standards in customer relations. It's given consumers the power to spread information to hundreds, if not thousands, of people in a matter of seconds. This shift to social sharing means every customer now has the power to impact on your business, whether positive or not.

Social channels also present a unique opportunity to connect and interact with customers in real time. What's not so apparent is the best methods for using these social tools to build fans, followers and engagement, while driving business to your club.

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Handling Membership Issues

15 February 2017

At Clubs New Zealand National Office we often receive calls from clubs where a member has been called to a disciplinary meeting and it has all turned to custard. We also receive a large number of calls from club members who do not agree with their clubs disciplinary process or believe that the club has failed to follow the process outlined in their clubs constitution. We are continually reminding clubs of how important proper process is in employment matters and we are now picking up that same line for membership matters.

The below article is all about handling membership issues and looks at best practice guidelines on how to handle those issues.

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9 February 2017

Social media is a boon to clubs for connecting with members, but it also creates new challenges when things go wrong.

Facebook, Twitter and other platforms give unhappy patrons new mouthpieces to vent their spleen. All it takes is a few clicks of a smart phone to complain about poor service or other grievances.

Unlike an angry letter to the board, these new media allow complaints to be aired to a much broader audience or even go viral. Cameras also mean members can share picture evidence with the world - whether it's a trivial issue like a sub-par chicken parma, or serious compliance breaches like photos of an unsafe area in the club or a small child sitting at the bar.

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But our club is not looking at an amalgamation

18 January 2017

Even if a club is not specifically looking at an amalgamation it is important for all clubs to understand what an amalgamation is, the processes behind an amalgamation and the benefits to be derived from being prepared.

Clubs have to be strategic nowadays about amalgamation opportunities. Unfortunately, the time when all clubs could find an amalgamation partner is over. We often see clubs in trouble hanging on for too long and this can make them a much less viable amalgamation proposal. The amalgamation process can be quite lengthy, often taking 12 months. So clubs need to keep this in mind when considering an amalgamation.

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Get Ready for the Mobile Wallet

12 January 2017

Like public telephones and fax machines, that nice leather wallet you just received for Christmas will soon be a relic of the past.

Key, wallet and mobile phone; it's a ritual that most of us go through every time we leave the house, but for how much longer? The launch of Apply Pay and Android Pay in New Zealand means that the days of the physical wallet are numbered.

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Clubs New Zealand 2017 Conference & AGM - Registrations closing soon

10 January 2017

Registrations for the Clubs New Zealand 2017 Conference & AGM will be closing on Friday 24th February. If your club is attending but you haven't yet got your registration form completed please contact as soon as possible.

The conference programme is almost complete and you can view the latest copy of the programme below. This year's Conference & AGM promises to be educational, interactive and motivational as we look towards the club industry's future.

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Marketing 101: For Small and Micro Clubs

5 January 2017

You're sitting in your club wondering, "How am I going to get more people to come to my club, more often?" Then you think, "Gee, I wish I had the advertising budget that the big city clubs have." But you don't. So how can you effectively communicate to your target market with little or no money?

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Tapping on that Glass Ceiling

5 January 2017

Women are great for business, but clubs are behind other industries when it comes to gender diversity on boards.

The following article is written by Debbie Organ, ClubsNSW Learning and Development Executive and while her experiences and statistics are Australian based they mirror the current situation in New Zealand and give some great insights and perspectives on diversity today.

Recently a group of future club leaders asked me if I had ever experienced discrimination during my career because of my gender. The conversation was that these women had sometimes felt intimidated, but that training and increased knowledge had empowered them to challenge the status quo in their clubs. It was not the first time I have been asked about this issue.

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Clubs New Zealand Christmas Hours and Important Dates 2016

14 December 2016

Clubs New Zealand National Office will be closed over the Christmas break from Friday 23rd December 2016 through to Wednesday 4th January 2017. As always the National Office team will be available during this period if you have any questions or require assistance.

Our main office line 0800 4 CLUBS (0800 425 827) and landline 04 815 9007 will be diverted to staff members, alternatively you can contact any of us via our email addresses listed below;

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