Break Through the Digital Wall of White Noise

27 July 2017

In the multimedia age there are various communication channels available, meaning that consumers are constantly bombarded with messaging. Between social media, applications and subscriptions to content, the onslaught hits you from all angles at all hours of the day, overloading recipients and creating the equivalent of a digital wall of white noise.

Look no further than your email inbox to see this in practice! On top of this, the proliferation of information available on advertising techniques and exposure to this content means consumers are savvier than ever, almost to the point of a "marketing immunity".

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Does your Brand Reflect your Business?

20 July 2017

In the current competitive landscape, clubs are working diligently to strengthen their product offering across all touch points. Improved facilities with refreshed food and beverage outlets, exciting entertainment and more are enticing members and a new demographic of potential visitors. Though these achievements make great strides in improving your club's offering, has your upgraded business strategy extended to your brand strategy?

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Clubs New Zealand General Manager - Southern Appointed

19 July 2017

Clubs New Zealand is pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Ballantyne to the newly created role of General Manager – Southern following a robust employment process with the help of HR specialists based in Christchurch.

It goes without saying that Keith’s twenty years of experience with the Papanui Club and initial years in the wider hospitality industry previous to that will add significant knowledge and experience to the National Office team.

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Every Club Needs a Website

13 July 2017

While social media is an important tool, it's worth stepping back and examining one of the key fundamentals of any club's external marketing platforms.

Many clubs are rightfully venturing into the world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but it's important not to forget about the humble website. There's no doubt many people are so tech savvy that they've moved beyond websites, but websites are crucial when it comes to maintaining a basic digital presence.

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Club Management Conference 2017 Update

13 July 2017

Planning is well underway for the 2017 Club Management Conference being hosted by Club Mount Maunganui from Tuesday 21st November through to Thursday 23rd November.

The Club Managers Group Committee are currently working on pulling together the programme for the conference and it would be fantastic to receive feedback from the group on what content you would like to see covered before the programme is finalised.

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To Market, To Measure

6 July 2017

Marketing is a discretionary expense for clubs and must be measured.

In a not-for-profit enterprise such as a club, why do we market? While club constitutions refer to meeting the needs of particular interest groups or supporting activities, there is no reference to maximising profits or members' wealth.

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Marketing Fundamentals

29 June 2017

A strategic marketing plan is essential for clubs wanting to stay ahead of the pack.

There are many critical elements to consider in marketing and, to promote your club effectively, you need to fully recognise the core aspects of your product and service offering. This involves your desired brand positioning, customers, primary objectives, and what is relevant in the ever-evolving field of marketing today. The key then is to target your customers as individuals while at the same time taking a holistic approach, which can be a fine balancing act.

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Hiring Contractor's - Including Bands and Entertainers

15 June 2017

The main contractor’s clubs will use is a band. Every member of the band is usually required to fill out an IR330 once and this should be kept on file. If the band has an exemption certificate, make sure it is current and has their name written on it. It is good practice to take a copy of the certificate as well.

Withholding tax is deducted from payments made to people who aren’t employees but who are employed on a contract-for-service basis. If you hire contractors you may need to deduct withholding tax from the payments you make to them.

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Elder Abuse Hits Close to Home

7 June 2017

Elder Abuse Awareness Week from 15-22 June 2017 begins on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June 2017.

During the week of 15-22 June 2017 local Age Concerns around New Zealand will be holding events and speaking through the media to raise awareness of elder abuse and neglect.

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Conference & AGM 2018 - Air Chathams can get you there

1 June 2017

As mentioned a few weeks ago Clubs New Zealand has been in discussion with Air Chathams to secure charter flights to Wanganui from Christchurch and Auckland. Good news is all the details are locked in and you can start planning your trip to Wanganui for the Clubs New Zealand 2018 Conference & AGM.

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When do rule changes come into effect?

25 May 2017

A club’s constitution or rules is one of your most important documents. Every individual club constitution is different and relates only to your club. It has been shaped by the needs of the club and members from the day the club was established and needs to be continually reviewed and revised over the years and needs to continue to be reviewed in line with the objects of the club in order to stay relevant.

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Corporate Membership

18 May 2017

A number of Clubs have requested information about “Corporate Membership”.

This is a perfectly legitimate “class” of membership, as long as you formally adopt it as part of your Clubs’ Constitution and only allow the Corporate “Associates” (Staff) to do what your Constitution says they can.

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