Consistent Inconsistencies - The Dangers of DIY Club Constitutions

8 February 2018

In the age of Google and Wikipedia there is a growing view that information and answers should be able to do everything ourselves.

We are all guilty of it, the other day my dishwasher filled with water and, rather than find someone who fixed dishwashers for a living, I Googled to see if I could fix it myself. The short version is: my kitchen flooded.

We all know a club's constitution is one of the most important documents a club has. It is effectively the contract between a club, its committee and the members. A constitution should be an up-to-date working document and will often be the first port of call in working out how to resolve an issue with members.

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Promoting Entertainment for Profit

8 February 2018

Strategic thinking about entertainment will save both big and small clubs from taking a financial hit.

Most clubs run entertainment and promotions to provide a reason for members to come to a club, eat the food and drink the beer, wine and spirits - oh, and coffee of course. But what is the return on investment? When we review club operations, especially on small clubs, working hard to survive and grow, we often struggle with the issue of advertising, entertainment, marketing and promotions (AEMP) that doesn't return a profit to the till.

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Keep an eye out for the new Area Update Emails

1 February 2018

This year the Clubs New Zealand Board and National Office will be starting to send out Area Update emails via the Clubs New Zealand MailChimp system. These Area Update emails will look quite similar to the Club Industry e-Newsletter and will typically contain information on area meetings and will obviously be sent only to the applicable area.

By using our MailChimp system to send out Area Updates we will be able to monitor if emails are being received and consolidate the boards individual email address books down to one which will help to ensure the right information is getting to the right people.

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2018-2020 Nominations for Office results

23 January 2018

Nominations for the 2018-2020 Clubs New Zealand Board closed on Saturday 20th January. We would like to congratulate all returning board members and newly elected board members.

Below you will find the results of the nominations including the two areas that require a ballot as a result of more than one nomination being received.

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Driving The Data Conversation

11 January 2018

How clubs and patrons will both benefit by investing in information.

One of the hottest topics in business right now is the pending launch of the US e-commerce behemoth Amazon. The question being asked is how will this launch impact local businesses, as customers are given a new retail choice from a company that prides itself on catalogue and delivery?

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Clubs New Zealand Christmas Hours and Important Dates

14 December 2017

Clubs New Zealand National Office will be closed over the Christmas break from Friday 22nd December 2017 through to Monday 8th January 2018. As always the National Office team will be available during this period if you have any questions or require assistance.

Our main office line 0800 4 CLUBS (0800 425 827) and landline 04 815 9007 will be diverted to staff members, alternatively you can contact any of us via our email addresses listed below;

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Clubs New Zealand 2018 Conference & AGM - Your Ticket to Wanganui

12 December 2017

Registrations for the Clubs New Zealand 2018 Conference & AGM are open. All Clubs New Zealand members will have received an email containing a link to your club’s unique registration form on Friday 15th December.

Below you will find all the information you need on what you can expect from the Clubs New Zealand 2018 Conference & AGM, including the Conference Dinner, Hospitality Expo and how to get involved.

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Annual Membership Update Forms

30 November 2017

On Friday 8th of December all clubs will receive an email with a link for you to complete your annual membership update.

The annual update forms are online and come pre-populated based on the information we currently hold for your club. As always, we ask that once you receive the form you carefully check each section and make any necessary changes or additions prior to submitting.

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2017 Club Management Conference Wrap Up

28 November 2017

Last week more than 70 managers from across the country made their way to Mount Maunganui for the 2017 Club Management Conference.

Before we can get into wrapping up the conference we would like to once again acknowledge the conference hosts Club Mount Maunganui. Thank you to Straw and the clubs Committee. A huge thank you to Christine and your amazing team, everyone had a fantastic time and your hospitality was second to none.

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Reasonable Standard of Dress Required!

16 November 2017

Jane from Grey Lynn Returned Service Club shares their success with offering shirts to those who do not meet the clubs dress code.

How many times do we turn people (and all their custom) away for not being dressed properly? Having travelled overseas over the years, I have realised that not all clubs/venues/restaurants and bars have the same dress codes. You can take your hat off, but not your singlet!

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Help your members prepare for their summer club visits!

16 November 2017

Reciprocal Rights is one of the fantastic privileges that come from club membership, with Clubs New Zealand administering reciprocal rights between our more than 310 member clubs. It means that no matter where your members travel they are almost guaranteed to find a club that they can pop into and enjoy the hospitality.

With club systems and procedures for identifying Authorised Customers and Authorised Visitors getting more robust and actively monitored we are finding that members are getting into potentially embarrassing situations when they visit other clubs unprepared and with no membership card.

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Club Management Conference 2017 - It's go time!

16 November 2017

Those registered for the 2017 Club Management Conference will shortly be making their way to Club Mount Maunganui for a few days of informative presentations, networking and sharing the successes and challenges of the last year.

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