Spark Sport shares Rugby World Cup 2019 Pricing

17 April 2019

Earlier this week CEO Larry Graham, along with Vicki Lee, CEO Hospitality New Zealand met with the team from Spark Sport to discuss this years Rugby World Cup Coverage. This meeting was a great opportunity for Clubs New Zealand and Hospitality New Zealand to understand how clubs and pubs will be able to access the Rugby World Cup Coverage and at what price.

The most important message we can stress is get prepared early for both the early bird pricing and to ensure that your clubs internet connection and AV set up is ready to go come September.

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Reciprocal Rights - The Thin Edge of the Wedge

11 April 2019

Reciprocal Rights is a part of club life that dates back to the very first clubs established in New Zealand. It provides club members the opportunity to visit and enjoy the facilities and hospitality of clubs right across the country. Reciprocal Rights reinforces the club community in New Zealand and supports social visits and sporting tournaments enjoyed by many club members.

As an industry we must act now to ensure that this fundamental part of club life is protected because it is under increasing scrutiny!

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Clubs New Zealand 2020 Conference & AGM - Accommodation Guide

11 April 2019

The dates for the Clubs New Zealand 2020 Conference & AGM are locked in for the 19th, 20th and 21st March 2020 hosted by Club Hastings.

Planning for the Conference & AGM is already underway and no doubt a number of clubs are already looking to secure accommodation.

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Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference & AGM - WRAP UP

2 April 2019

The Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM & EXPO was held from the 21st through to the 23rd of March hosted by the Tauranga Citizens Club. The Clubs New Zealand Conference, and & EXPO gave clubs from right across New Zealand the opportunity to come together, enjoy each other’s company and learn about fantastic opportunities, new ideas and more. We would like to thank everyone who attended conference this year and we would like to extend a huge thank you and congratulations to the Tauranga Citizens Club for being fantastic hosts. The entire Tauranga Citizens Club team went above and beyond to make sure delegates and guests were welcome and we cannot thank them enough.

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Get ready for the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO

13 March 2019

This time next week the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, Expo & AGM hosted by the Tauranga Citizens Clubs will be getting under way.

Registrations will open from 10.00am at the Tauranga Citizens Club. As always the National Office team will be on hand to get you registered and answer your questions. Kicking off at the same time will be the 2019 Hospitality Expo, please ensure you arrive early in order to give yourselves plenty of time to visit the expo and chat to all our brilliant exhibitors.

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Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO - Introducing Clyde Fernandez

6 March 2019

The count down to the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM and Expo is well and truly on. The Tauranga Citizens Club, Clubs New Zealand Board and National Office team are looking forward to welcoming all those registered in two weeks time. This years agenda is packed and aimed at ensuring that there is a wide range of topics. In addition to the presentations we have the Clubs New Zealand expo which is once again proving to be a popular option for both attendees and exhibitors, please make sure you head to the Tauranga Citizens Club as early as possible on Thursday 21st March to ensure you get the most out of this awesome opportunity.

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Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO - Introducing Nick Brabham

27 February 2019

Registrations for the Clubs New Zealand 2019 Conference, AGM + EXPO have closed. Clubs New Zealand team at the Tauranga Citizens Club look forward to catching up with all those who have registered in just a few short weeks.

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The Membership Sub: It is more than a token fee

21 February 2019

The below article was first published on the Clubs New Zealand website in April 2017. With the questions the article raised still being pondered today it is a good time to revive it.

With the continual battle to get bums on seats, many clubs are looking to their membership fees to attract renewals and new members. The question that must now be asked "is it having the desired effect".

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Introducing the Alcohol Consulting Group

30 January 2019

We all know that Alcohol Licensing and ensuring compliance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 can eat up a lot of time, which is why Clubs New Zealand is thrilled to be partnering with the newly formed Alcohol Consulting Group (ACG).

ACG is a nationwide company that can support your club with all your alcohol compliance requirements. This support includes completing alcohol licensing applications on your behalf, training your staff, and managing your alcohol-related risks. ACG can help you meet the requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 while you focus on running a successful club.

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Christchurch restaurant falls victim to nationwide scam targeting hospitality companies

30 January 2019

Restaurants across New Zealand are being targeted by a scam that has left at least one Christchurch business thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Fraudsters are sending emails to hospitality companies asking them to prepare food for functions such as a wedding or birthday party. They use stolen credit cards to pay and ask the restaurants to charge a higher value to a credit card than what the food cost.

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Clubs New Zealand 2019 Annual Conference, AGM + Expo - Get ready to be entertained

24 January 2019

Along with the opportunities to learn something new, network and discuss the club industry the Clubs New Zealand Conference, AGM + Expo gives attendees the chance to relax, unwind, experience the hospitality on offer at the host club and of course enjoy some amazing musical talent.

The 2019 Conference, AGM + Expo will be no different with the Tauranga Citizens Club arranging some brilliant entertainment throughout the conference.

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Time to Focus

17 January 2019

2018 was a tumultuous year in the corporate world, with numerous emerging risks and challenges, exacerbated by growing regulation and greater public scrutiny. The bar has been lifted in regard to greater accountability and expectations of those charged with governance. In addition, the reputation risk of not maintaining appropriate standards has never been higher.

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