Clubs New Zealand is committed to supporting our members keep pace with gambling requirements and host responsibility. It's part of creating a welcoming environment where members can enjoy themselves safely.

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week via 0800 4 CLUBS, whether you need assistance with your class 4 gaming operation, or running your clubs membership draw we have the tools available to help.

Clubs New Zealand Gaming Management Support

Clubs New Zealand is proud to now be offering Gaming Management Support to its member clubs.

Class 4 Gaming in clubs is unique and requires a club focused approach that aims to streamline renewals and compliance, while maximising performance to ensure each clubs gaming operation is sustainable and providing benefits to the club and the community that it operates in.

The Clubs New Zealand Gaming Management Support programme will be delivered by Clubs New Zealand staff and is tailored for clubs by club people who have had many years of managing clubs, including gaming operations.

Below you will find an overview of the Gaming Management Support Programme, you can also download the full flyer using the link below. We will work with you on an individual basis to determine the areas of support required in your club and tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

We urge club Committees and Managers to seriously consider joining the Clubs New Zealand Gaming Management Support programme, we are confident that by working together we can lift gaming performance and sustainability in clubs.

Download the Gaming Management Support Flyer

  • Completion of your annual gaming licence renewal.
  • Completion of all DIA licence amendments including key person changes and gambling equipment changes.
  • Updating your accounts template and accountancy codes to match the department's licence renewal requirements.
  • Assistance to ensure all payments are correctly allocated as authorised purposes payments, authorised gaming expenses and non-gaming expenses.
  • Implementation of systems to ensure accurate daily cash balancing and banking.
  • Reviewing your licence structure and machine numbers to see whether advantage can be taken of the two options to reduce the licensing fees payable to DIA.

  • Assistance with improving gaming room layout.
  • Gaming machine revenue performance review and advice, with regular communication on performance.

  • On-site, face-to-face harm minimisation training as required.
  • On demand online harm minimisation training for new staff.
  • Regular detailed compliance and best practice audits.
  • Conducting general class 4 venue compliance training for venue staff as required.
  • A review of your gaming compliance materials.  This includes new, modern, easy to-use compliance folders.  The folders include check lists for regular gaming tasks and customer-designed incident forms.  The folders are include a clear and practical harm minimisation policy.

  • Specialist legal support in the event that licence suspension or cancellation action is threatened by the DIA.
  • Specialist legal support in the event that your club wishes to merge with another club.

  • New gaming machines.
  • Second hand gaming machines.
  • New upgrades.
  • Other relevant gaming products.

Note: The availability of gaming machine related products will be dependent on the gaming rooms performance.