Sports Update in response to Omicron

27 January 2022

We are once again devastated to be announcing the cancellation and/or postponement of several Clubs New Zealand Sports Tournaments.

We are in communication with host clubs and the convenors of upcoming tournaments to work through the various options and make decisions that are in best interests of the club and the participants. These decisions are not easy to make, and we know that the host clubs and convenors have poured hours into preparing for the tournaments.

There are instances where host clubs do have the facilities to forge ahead with a tournament, under the red setting gathering rules, however, there are a number of factors which must be considered and for some clubs it is simply not possible.

Where a tournament is postponed or worst case cancelled, the Clubs New Zealand website will be updated as soon as possible, and an update will be sent out via our Sports Newsletters. We encourage club members to subscribe to the newsletters that are applicable to you, so that you have the most up to date information as it is released. You can sign up to the newsletters here.

If you have any questions you can give Kate a call at National Office on 0800 425 827 or email

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