New Zealand to stay at the Orange Setting for now + changes to the framework

26 May 2022

Earlier this week Covid-19 Minister, Hon Chris Hipkins provided an update on the Covid-19 Protection Framework via a statement.  You can read the statement using the link below:

In summary:

  • New Zealand will stay in the Orange setting for now.
  • The next review of the settings is expected to take place towards the end of June.
  • It is predicted that a fresh wave of Omicron may impact New Zealand alongside winter illnesses such as influenza and RSV.

Changes to the Covid-19 Protection Framework

You may have seen in Hon Chris Hipkins’ response letter to Clubs New Zealand that a number of changes have been made to the Red Setting of Covid-19 Protection Framework and these came into effect recently under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Protection Framework) Order 2021.

Changes that apply to Clubs:

As these changes impact the Red Setting no action is required at this time, however, you should take note of the changes.

Clause 9 amended (Meaning of defined space)

The meaning of a defined indoor space has been amended to a single space if there are walls (whether permanent or temporary) that substantially divide that space from other spaces.  There is no longer a requirement to have no shared airflow between defined spaces.

Clause 13 replaced (Meaning of gathering)

The meaning of gathering has been streamlined within the order.  It now reads:

In this order, gathering—

(a) means a group of people in a defined space; but

(b) excludes a group of people at an event.

Clause 69 amended (Customers and clients at food and drink business or service must comply with seating requirements)

Clause 69(g) now provides that nothing in clause 69 applies “if a gathering held in a defined space or premises of a workplace if that space or those premises is for the exclusive use of the gathering.”

Should we find ourselves in the red setting again, these changes should make it much easier for clubs to accommodate adjunct and sub-club activities.

For now keep doing what you are doing, and with a bit of luck we will not find ourselves having to apply those changes anytime soon.

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