Do not be too hasty in amending your constitutions

3 June 2021

Many clubs that we have spoken too are gearing up to make amendments to their constitutions in preparation for the Incorporated Societies Bill being passed into law.  While we applaud the enthusiasm, we would advise clubs to hold off making any amendments at this time.

The bill has yet to pass the select committee phase and still has to make its was through the second reading, committee of whole House and third reading before it will be given Royal Assent.  During these phases things can change and we have possible regulations to take into consideration.  You don't want to be adopting amendments only to have to go and change them again 12 months later.

Clubs will have plenty of time following Royal Assent to amend their constitutions.  The Bill proposes a transitional period of 2 years and 6 months for clubs to reregister.  

Clubs New Zealand will be recommending that clubs submit a new constitution in its entirety to be adopted by the members.  We suggest this approach as opposed to making amendments to your current constitution.  We see this as a huge opportunity for clubs to adopt a constitution that is modern and fit-for-purpose and consistent throughout.

We are currently rewriting the Clubs New Zealand model constitution and this will be made available to members when we are satisfied that it meets the requirements of the final Bill.  We will be encouraging clubs to utilise the model constitution in preparing your own constitutions for adoption.

If you have any questions please contact the team at National Office on 0800 425 827

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