Trial Periods out for some, statutory rest and meal breaks in for everbody

8 March 2018

One of the final acts in the Government’s 100-day plan was to introduce a Bill which aims to tilt the balance of New Zealand’s labour law landscape more in favour of employees and unions.

While the legislation may be new, for the most part, it simply reverses many of the changes made by the previous Government.

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Minimum Wages Rising on 1 April 2018

15 February 2018

You will all know that the minimum wage is set to increase, if you haven't already done so now is the time to start preparing to ensure your staff are paid correctly once the increase takes effect on 1 April. If you have employees on the minimum wage you will need to ensure that your budget is recalculated to account for the increase - you'll be paying out more in wages.

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Employment Relations Amendment Bill

8 February 2018

The anticipated changes to employment law have now been presented as a Bill to the House. The new Government claiming this will "restore fairness and balance into New Zealand workplaces". With the discussion that took place following the election it is no surprise to see the main thrust of the proposed change is to strengthen the position and bargaining power of unions, reduce flexibility in agreements with regard to rest breaks and pay scales, limit the operation of the 90-day trial period and require reinstatement as the primary remedy in personal grievance matters.

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New Government, New Employment Laws, More Costs for Employers

16 November 2017

With the coalition deals now signed off and the new Government officially sworn in, it's time to dissect the proposed changes and what they will mean for businesses.

Already announced is the intention to increase the minimum wage to $20 per hour by April 2021, starting with an increase to $16.50 per hour in April 2018.

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Are your employment records up to scratch?

8 November 2017

Since last July labour inspectors have issued more than $370,000 in fines and more than 130 infringement notices to businesses who have failed to keep or maintain employee records. Those numbers look likely to increase if the Labour Government moves forward in doubling the number of labour inspectors over the next three years. Unsurprisingly it is the hospitality and horticulture industries which are tagged as the worst record keeping offenders.

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Clubs need to be preparing for the Minimum Wage increases now

2 November 2017

One of the first major announcements to come from the new coalition Government was the commitment to increasing the minimum wage to $20 an hour by 2021, which will be kicked off with an increase from the current minimum wage of $15.75 to $16.50 as of 1 April 2018.

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Christmas and New Year Public Holiday Entitlements 2017/18

25 October 2017

You should now be preparing for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and ensuring you are aware of your employee’s public holiday entitlements.

Below is a brief overview of the entitlements for these holidays, if you require further information please contact Clubs New Zealand on 0800 4 CLUBS or visit the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website at

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Health and Safety - Robberies

19 October 2017

No matter where you look at the moment media is reporting that small businesses across the country are being targeted for armed robberies, occurrences of this are increasing and it seems like a new incident is being reported on a daily basis.

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Sick leave - Get it right

12 October 2017

Employees can take sick leave if they are sick or injured, or to look after their partner or another dependant person who is sick or injured. This could be a husband or wife, partner, child, or anyone else who relies on them, eg an elderly relative.

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Prospective Employment Changes

5 October 2017

Whilst the election outcome remains uncertain it seems some changes to the employment environment are likely, perhaps regardless of the composition of the new government. With New Zealand First having a key role its worth examining what some of the changes may look like. Based on pre-election policies some of the policies worth reflecting on are:

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Kindergarten Workplace Bullying Results in $100K Payout

5 October 2017

A bullied kindergarten teacher has been awarded almost $100,000 after the Employment Relations Authority found she was unjustifiably dismissed.

The Authority found that the teacher “Mrs T”, had been bullied by her manager who had a track record of bullying other workers.

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