Be wary of phishing emails

21 March 2023

Circular 23-018

Relevant for Club Officers and Management

In recent days, Club Managers Group Chair, Vince Gardner became aware that his name is being used within phishing emails and unfortunately one club is out of pocket as a result of interacting with these emails.

These emails are not coming from Vince or his email address, but they are using his name in an attempt to look legitimate. 

Please be wary of these emails particularly if they are asking for money or gift cards of any kind. 

There are a few things that you should look out for:

  • The emails will usually be brief and claim to be urgent
  • The persons name will not match their known email address
  • The email will ask you to respond via email and avoid calling
  • If you do engage in communication you will likely be asked to purchase iTunes gift cards

Below is an example where the Clubs New Zealand CEO's name has been used in a phishing email, you will see that the circled email address is an email not associated with Clubs New Zealand and an immediate indicator that this is not a legitimate email from Larry.

The best course of action if you receive this type of email is to call the person.


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