2022 Review of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013

2 June 2022

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013 (the Regulations) came into force in 2013 and it sets out the application and annual fees that may be charged for alcohol licences to enable Territorial Authorities to recover costs from administering the licensing provisions in the Act.

Under the Act, the Ministry of Justice (the Ministry) is required to undertake a five-year review of alcohol licensing fees and of cost recovery by TAs for alcohol licensing.  The Ministry has recently announced the second fees review since the act came into force and Clubs New Zealand has been invited to participate in the stakeholder consultation.    

The stakeholder reviews will be conducted via "interviews" and will invite participants to share their views and perspectives on the current alcohol licensing cost/risk rating framework and its associated fees as outlined in the Regulations.  

The consultation will relate to the following themes:

Fit for Purpose

  • Is the current alcohol licensing cost/risk rating framework and its associated fees, outlined in the Regulations, allowing for the minimisation of potential harm caused by excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol?
  • Are the default fees outlined in the Regulations being utilised by the majority of TAs?

Alcohol Licensing Fees

  • What are the primary reasons for TAs using non-default fees?
  • What is the non-default fee structure and how was this determined?
  • Has the TA applied section 6(4) of the Regs to allow a discretionary decrease in fee category?
  • If the Regulations outlined an ability to allow a discretionary increase in a fee category, would this be utilised? Why and how much would the increase be?

Alcohol Licensing Cost Recovery

  • Are the fees recovered covering the costs of administering the alcohol licensing system?
  • Are there any regional differences in the licensing system implementation?
  • What are the factors that inform these regional differences?
  • How effective is the cost/risk rating for different premises/events and the corresponding fee categories?

Alcohol Licensing Regulatory Framework

  • Is the current Alcohol Licensing cost/risk rating framework and its associated fees still suitable (i.e., that those who create the greatest regulatory effort bear the highest costs)?
  • Are there any additional risk factors that should be considered when calculating alcohol licensing fees?
    What can be implemented to improve the efficiency or minimise the cost of your alcohol licensing functions?
  • Are there any barriers or challenges to the TAs experience of applying the Regulations that might affect the effectiveness of the cost recovery of its activities under the alcohol regulation?
  • What has been the impact of the implementation of the Epidemic Preparedness (Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012—Licence Application Inquiries) Immediate Modification Order 2020 on the current alcohol licensing cost/risk rating framework and its associated fees?

If you have any comments or feedback that you would like to make on the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013 please contact lucy@clubsnz.com as soon as possible.

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