If you need further help please get in touch with the team at Clubs New Zealand by emailing enquiries@clubsnz.com

Why can I not sign in?

To be able to sign into the Clubs New Zealand App we need to get a few more details about your membership that can be verified with your club.  If you are unable to sign in, you can complete the verification form here on our website, once your membership has been verified we will be in touch to let you know you can sign in.

I have verified my membership, why can I not sign in?

The sign in fields for the app are case sensitive.  When signing in please ensure that your surname, email address and date of birth are entered exactly as they are registered with your club.  Please ensure that no spaces are added after your surname and email address when signing into the app as spaces will be recorded as characters.

How do I update my digital membership card?

If you need to update any details on your digital membership card please contact enquiries@clubsnz.com

Can I use my Digital Membership Card to visit other clubs?

Yes, your digital membership card confirms that you are financial member of a club and can be used when visiting other clubs.  Depending on the clubs rules and policies you may still be required to sign in when visiting another club.

Is there anything I should know before I visit another club?

Reciprocal Rights is an important part of club life, we have put together some helpful guidelines to reciprocal rights which you should take the time to review when visiting another club.  It is important to remember that by visiting another club you are agreeing to abide the rules and constitution of that club.

Guidelines for visiting another club

Why cannot I not see a club I am looking for?

The in app Club Locator shows all clubs that are financial members of Clubs New Zealand.  By default you will be shown the clubs closest to you on the map.  If you are trying to find a particular club you can search for the clubs name by tapping on the search symbol or clicking view list which will show you all clubs in alphabetical order.

How do I filter the clubs to show clubs offering certain facilities or sports?

After opening the map you can filter what clubs are shown depending on your interests.  Click the filter options and select what facilities and sports you would like to see.

How do I update my details?

You can update your information within the account section of the app after you have signed in.  If you need any assistance updating your details please contact enquiries@clubsnz.com

What messages will you send me?

Clubs New Zealand may from time to time send you in app messages to let you know about special offers or events happening in clubs near you.  Depending on your preferences we may also send messages to let you know about upcoming sports tournaments and events.  You can manage how you receive these messages in your phones notification settings.

For more information on the Clubs New Zealand App please contact enquiries@clubsnz.com