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The cost to belong

With the continual battle to get bums on seats, many clubs are looking to their membership fees to attract renewals and new members. The question that must now be asked "is it having the desired effect".


Get Trained

Even committee members with years of experience will benefit from training and your club will thank you for your efforts.

Many committee members are asking why they need to "train" when they have already been running their clubs for years.  Others ask why they need to train to run for an election when they have been running successful businesses for years.  The answer is simple - ensuring that committee members know and understand the specific issues relating to the club industry, its regulations, legislation and optimum performance indicators.


Club Management Conference - Exciting new addition to the programme

Thank you to everyone who has already registered for the 2014 Club Management Conference going down at the Howick Club, 25th - 27th November.  Registrations for the conference will be closing on Friday 31st October, so if you are yet to get your registration form in, please refer to the registration details below.


New Zealand Racing Board - Direct Debit Cash Handling Fee Update

New Zealand Racing BoardA number of ClubTAB sites will soon be receiving communication from the New Zealand Racing Board following a review of its direct debit process and the applicable cash handling fees which are incurred for ClubTAB and PubTAB sites.