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Latest News

Changes to OneMusic featured music licence threshold

Many of you will soon receive communication from OneMusic regarding changes to the threshold for the use of featured music. 

Currently hospitality venues including clubs are required to hold a background music licence issued by OneMusic,  there is then additional per day fees for featured music such as Live Performers, DJs and Karaoke. Where a featured music performance includes a ticket price of $25 or greater the venue is required to apply for an additional APRA event licence.  As of 1 August 2015 the threshold ticket price for featured music performances will be increased to $35.


A scammer in sheep's clothing

Earlier this week we had firsthand experience of an email scam that has apparently been around for years, but is so deceptive we feel club managers and administration staff need to be aware of it.

Here at our office Michelle received an email from "Larry" asking her to arrange an immediate wire transfer. Instantly a few alarm bells went off for Michelle but as far as she could see the email was coming from Larry's email address.


Six Month Report to Members

It is that time of year where Clubs New Zealand Chief Executive Larry Graham sends out a six monthly report to members on all things clubs.  This report is currently being sent out as a hard copy to all member clubs along with your 2015/16 fold out membership lists, but as another option you can read the report here online.

This report covers a few matters of interest that relate directly to your club.  There are some important legislative matters which are a work in progress and I urge you to go in to our website to familiarise yourself; as these reflect directly on the day to day running of your club.


Key Person Requirements - Class 4 Gambling Operators

For the past year Clubs New Zealand has been in discussions with the Department of Internal Affairs regarding the requirement for all committee members to be registered as a Key Persons.

We have been concerned with this requirement due to the cost involved in investigating the suitability of all committee members as key persons and this cost is inflated particularly for clubs with a high committee turn over.  There is also the possibility that some committee members would not be considered suitable persons following investigation, this would seriously jeopardise the clubs Class 4 Gambling Operation.