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Latest News

Before you build

Whether it is a seemingly simple renovation of your restaurant or gaming room or a new build, there are a number of steps a club must take to ensure that the project runs smoothly.  The very first step is to identify a need.

Before a club can step into a program for any redevelopment works to their property, the board and management must recognise that there is a realistic need for improvement to the venue as well as giving consideration to the long-term benefits such works will provide to the facility and, importantly, its members.


Tendering your project - Let's get it right!

We get a lot questions from clubs who are entering into construction and refurbishment projects.  Tendering is often the trickiest part of the equation - particularly given the need for transparency in the club industry.

Clubs need to have a proper understanding of the tendering process and the documentation required for a tender to achieve their desired outcome.  This applies to clubs both as the recipients of tenders and also where clubs are tendering for an amalgamation themselves. 


Lower alcohol limits a game-changer for road safety says NZTA

The NZ Transport Agency says lower legal alcohol limits which come into force in just over two weeks' time will begin making our roads safer from day one, providing safer journeys for all New Zealanders as the country heads into the festive season.


TAB $2000 Retail Prize Draw

All ClubTAB sites should be aware of the current $2,000 Retail Prize Draw being run by the TAB.  This prize draw is in addition to the ClubTAB Weekly Draws and is being run across ALL TAB Retail Outlets.