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Latest News

PEOPLE - Still the key to successful customer experiences

While many boards focus on their club's bricks and mortar, it's important not to lose sight of the club's human capital.

The landscape of the club industry has changed over the years with clubs increasing in both size and scale.  The traditional business model has changed drastically, with a number now providing or looking to provide additional services including health and fitness, accommodation, conference and sporting facilities.


Drink Up

Wine in a row

Wouldn't it be great to upgrade your customers from cheap drinks to quality drinks, where flavour also translates into a better margin? Educating your staff on beer, wine and spirits can do exactly that.


Does an employer have to allow time off to vote during an election?

As you are all aware the general election will be held on Saturday 20th September 2014. 

Under s162 of the Electoral Act, an employer is required to allow an employee time off to vote on polling day if;


Update on Fortune Technology Jackpot Systems

The Department of Internal Affairs has recently concluded its investigation into the Fortune Technology Corporation Class 4 Jackpot systems: Players Club 1, Players Club 2 and Freefall.