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Update on upcoming Class 4 consulation and the Integrated Gambling Platform

The Department of Internal Affairs has recently released details of policy projects that they will be consulting on over the coming months.  As always Clubs New Zealand will make submissions on behalf of member clubs, however individual clubs are encouraged to make submissions and provide feedback to the Department individually.

Welcoming the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association to the Family

We are pleased to welcome the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association to the Clubs New Zealand Family as an Associate Member.

This is an exciting partnership between the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association and Clubs New Zealand.  Members of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association are looking forward to visiting Clubs New Zealand member clubs and enjoying the hospitality you provide.

Key Success Factors in Clubs

Successful clubs are welcoming; they create a sense of belonging for a shared purpose.

What is Success?

Success is commonly defined as "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose."

The dreaded price increase - what you need to consider

Most clubs will be aware that the excise tax on alcohol is inflation adjusted at this time of year in line with the CPI and that often suppliers increase their prices as a result of the increased excise tax.  Earlier this year most of the breweries notified venues of price increases largely due to the hop shortage taking place, it would appear that this earlier price increase factored in the excise tax adjustment and no further increases are planned at this stage .  However with the price increases earlier this year clubs need to look closely at their own bar pricing. 

As bar sales are one of the largest revenue items in most clubs it is really important to get the pricing right without the need to make further adjustments throughout the year which leads to very dissatisfied members.