Safe Site Essentials

This is a generic course for all employers/employees in all industries – perfectly designed to up skill team members in a one day interactive, engaging and fun course!

This Safe Site Essentials programme provides participants with an understanding of the relevance of Health and Safety in Employment to all. The knowledge and personal benefits gained from following best practice guidelines, fire and emergency evacuation and safe lifting techniques will improve all workplace practices, production and efficiency.

New legislation - The Bill provides that an insurance policy that indemnifies a person against a fine or infringement fee under the Act will be of no effect. This means you cannot get insurance to cover you if you are prosecuted/fined under the new legislation.

Are you insured against fire? Most probably! – What is more likely to occur, your business burns down or an employee breeches the Health and Safety Act?

Each year on average across New Zealand 75 people die on the job, 1 in 10 is harmed, 600-900 die from work-related diseases - all coming at a cost of $3.5 billion per annum.

The Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 1992 require that buildings have a procedure for the safe, expeditious and efficient evacuation of the occupants. The role of Fire Warden is a key element to this procedure.

There is a benefit to everyone when good health and safety practices are observed. Every workplace has an obligation to ensure the Health and Safety of its staff, customers and visitors. Ensure your staff know their obligations by training them now so you are well prepared for the impending new legislation.


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Standard rate $325 per person. Discount applies for Clubs New Zealand members, please refer to price list located in the Clubs New Zealand Resource Room for Clubs New Zealand Pricing and discount code.


1 Day.

This course can form part of Health & Safety Representatives 2 days of annual training requirements.


  • The course emphasises the benefits and outlines responsibilities, rights and duties of Employees in all industries.
  • Hazard identification processes so your team keep their eye on the ball and prevent accidents by spotting hazards and potentially hazardous behaviour/actions
  • Emergency procedures are identified and correct actions learned for various scenarios.
  • Safe evacuation - A must know how for those who may be responsible for ensuring the safe evacuation of persons from a building during any emergency situation in any workplace and industry in New Zealand.
  • Safe lifting techniques to avoid back injury – picking up something as small as an orange can cause injury if the correct technique is not used.


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