Venue Manger User on CONCERN to be made mandatory

18 August 2021

Clubs operating Class 4 Gaming Machines should have received an email advising you that by 1 September 2021 every venue accessing CONCERN will be required to have a venue manager user added in. After 1 September venues that do not have an authorised venue manager user added in will be denied access to their exclusion data.

This is mainly applicable to venues that use third party systems, e.g. QEC POI, FRT.  We have noted that some of these venues do not have venue manager users set up at all as rely on the QEC POI system to access CONCERN. However, this is causing issues with incorrect data on the exclusion orders (authorised signatory).

The venue manager user email address should be an authorised venue email address, that is accessible by the venue manager and trained staff at any given time. This also reduces the risk if the Third Party system goes down.

If you have any concerns or need further clarification regarding this please contact Ganesh Vijayanath using the details below:


Ganesh Vijayanath | National MVE Administrator

The Salvation Army Oasis

National Office ASARS


P: 09 639 1106  | M: +64211907218


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