Top tips for a great club visit - time to inform your members

17 November 2016

Over the year we have been reminding clubs to review their processes around identifying members and guests to ensure that alcohol is only sold or supplied to Authorised Customers and Authorised Visitors. We have received so many calls and emails from clubs wanting to review their processes, which is fantastic, because as one club manager recently put it “we like our liquor licence”.

As we are now approaching the festive season and members are gearing up to travel the country it is the perfect time to pass on some top tips for a great club visit to your members through your club’s own communications and newsletters. Having informed and prepared members is only going to make it easier for club staff to identify who they can and cannot serve alcohol to and avoid any embarrassing situations where members could potentially be turned away.

Below we have prepared some top tips for visiting other clubs and encourage you to pass these onto your members.

Have your membership card handy

Clubs are limited under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 in who they can sell and supply alcohol to. Clubs can only sell and supply alcohol to Authorised Customers (members of the club and guests who are invited and accompanied by a member of the club) and Authorised Visitors (members of another club with whom reciprocal rights are in place – that’s you when visiting another club).

While clubs across the country will have slightly different requirements, most will require reciprocal visitors to show their membership cards and sign in when entering the club. Please do not be offended if you are asked to show your membership card, just as staff are required to check age identification when someone looks under 25, they also need to check membership cards for anyone they are not familiar with – it’s all about ensuring our club complies with the law.

Can I bring a guest with me when visiting another club?

It makes sense that when travelling the country and visiting a club that you want to take your travelling companions with you. Unfortunately, this is not always possible if your travelling companions are not members of any club.

For clubs to be allowed to sell and supply alcohol to a guest of a reciprocal visitor (for example, the partner of a reciprocal member who is not a member of any club) the club must have a condition on its licence allowing them to do this.

Unfortunately, not all clubs have this condition on their licence meaning they would be breaking the law if they sold and supplied alcohol to a guest of a reciprocal visitor.

If you are unsure call ahead

Clubs have differing rules regarding dress codes, special rules or ticket-only events. We recommend where possible to call the club ahead of time to ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible. Failure to observe the rules and by-laws of the club you are visiting may result in non-admission or removal from the premises. 

To find out which clubs belong to Clubs New Zealand please visit the Clubs New Zealand Find a Club Directory

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