Top Four Hire Tips

1 August 2019

Clubs are seen as employers of choice, because of good wages and conditions, training and development of staff.  So, all you need to do is pop an ad in your local paper and you'll be flooded with top-quality staff.  Take your pick and we all live - and work - happily ever after!

That's the fairy tale out of the way, so what is the reality?  The biggest challenge, especially in small communities, is to find enough staff in the first place, let alone quality staff.

The mantra for all employment for some time has been "Hire on Attitude, Train for Skills".  An individual with the right attitude - positive, keen, motivated - can be trained to do just about any job.  Someone with the wrong attitude, no matter how skilled, is going to be poison for your business.  And sadly, it would seem, you cannot change most people'e attitude.  So, when you are struggling, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you choose the best candidate.

First, set out an accurate job description - identify the skills required, the situation of the role (front of house, office, kitchen, etc.) and the personal traits that will best fit the role.

Second, don't be afraid to use a profiling tool to get some assistance on assessing the traits of the individual, to see if they do match what you need for the role.

Third, you might consider engaging the individual in a (paid) trial period - for an hour or two - to see if they have the right skills and attitude for the job.  You can usually tell within an hour or so, if someone has "got it" or not.

Fourth - check their references! Find out where they worked before and find out (if they'll tell you) what they were like at their last place of employment - punctual, diligent, friendly, professional, honest - and which areas of the club they worked in.  What their strengths are and what their weaknesses are - we all have something.

If you think they are good talent (and you can tell the switched-on ones), don't let them get away! Seriously though, sign them up, get them to read, acknowledge and sign off on your staff policy, and then have your lead (A-team) supervisor provide a full induction, so they know how you do things in your club.  In other words, establish early the way you want the job done.

Then train them so they are even better at what you want them to do, and provide positive reinforcement - good behaviour rewarded, will be repeated.  Once your club gets a reputation for hiring the good staff, developing them and creating a top flight team, you will likely find that you start attracting more good staff.

(SOURCE: Ron Browne, ClubsNSW Manager - Professional Development, ClubLIFE June 2019)

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