TAB Retail Venue Geofencing & Digital Bet Renumeration

25 March 2021

The following memo was sent to TAB Agents, Pubs & Clubs from Edward Rennell, GM Broadcasting and Operations on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

Hi All,

As previously communicated TAB NZ have been focussing on the completion of a piece of work to enable the identification of bets placed in TAB retail venues via TAB digital channels with the intention to be able to remunerate TAB contractors for this activity (similar to bets placed via physical retail terminals).

This work continues to progress in line with expected timeframes. Last week the TAB NZ executive team approved the remuneration of TAB digital bets placed in certain TAB retail venues. While there is further technology required prior to the commencement of digital bet remuneration, we are working towards a target commencement date of 1 August 2021.

By receiving this memo, I’m excited to confirm that your venue will qualify for digital bet remuneration.  Once implemented, digital bets placed with TAB within your TAB venue (provided the users ‘Location Services’ are enabled on the relevant customer’s betting device) will be remunerated at the same commission rate as physical TAB bets. These bets that are placed digitally will also be included as part of your TAB Fixed Fee payment calculation from 1 August 2021 (the Target Launch Date ) with the first annual Fixed Fee review including digital TAB activity to be completed at the end of July 2022. TAB NZ will advise in advance, should the Target Launch Date need to be extended.

There will be some conditions and controls associated with the tracking, and payment of remuneration on digital TAB activity. Full details of these and what the implementation of digital bet remuneration means for your individual TAB venue will be communicated closer to the time of implementation.

If you have any questions in regards to the above, please don’t hesitate to contact your TAB representative.

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