STOP THE PRESS! It is time to take heed

16 May 2019

Clubs New Zealand administers the arrangement for reciprocal rights on behalf of members

Before another mass email is sent re reciprocal rights we need to stop, we need to take stock and as a collective we need to get on the same page. 

The process for how reciprocal rights is administered on your behalf was outlined in the article “Reciprocal Rights – Clarification” published on 9 May 2019.   This removes the need for individual clubs to be dealing with mass emails, letters, paperwork and allows you to focus on meeting the objects of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 on the ground, where it matters. 

And yet emails are still being sent and received by the hundreds.  We at National Office are receiving call after call from clubs who are rightly so frustrated and want to know what Clubs New Zealand are doing about this.  Clubs New Zealand are seeking legal opinions, we are talking with the Ministry of Justice, we have reached out to ARLA and we continue to provide advice and assistance.

But at some point, the narrative must change, the question you should be asking is not “What is Clubs New Zealand going to do about this?” The question must be “What are WE going to do about this?”.  “What are we as a committee going to do?”  “What are we as a club going to do?” "What are we as a network of clubs going to do collectively?” 

Clubs New Zealand National Office can seek legal opinions, we can talk to Ministry of Justice, we can talk to ARLA and any other group that will listen, but the reality is all that work gets undermined if clubs do not take heed of the advice that is distributed and fail to make changes where required.

So long as we have clubs with constitutions that were last updated in 1984, we are fighting an increasingly difficult battle.  The particular constitution referenced here still refers to the Sale of Liquor Act 1962 and prohibits the sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 20!

So long as we have clubs that have staff signing in visitors, not checking or having the tools to identify authorised customer or authorised visitors (or worse not knowing what an authorised customer or an authorised visitor is), we are a fighting an increasingly difficult battle.

So long as we have clubs compromising with reporting agencies or going to hearings without seeking advice, we are fighting an increasingly difficult battle.  The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 has more room for interpretation than a modern art museum, so of course the outcome of any compromises or hearings are going to set a precedence for how reporting agencies and DLC’s are going to approach future club licence renewals.

So long as we continue to ignore, gloss over, or leave it to the last minute, we are fighting an increasingly difficult battle.  To often Clubs New Zealand does not get called until it is too late.  “The DIA are coming in tomorrow and we don’t have any signage”, “We are going to a hearing next week and we don’t have a noise control plan”, “we have our AGM next week, how do we make changes to the constitution”.  Being reactive is not working.  Each and everyone of us needs to commit to being proactive, taking on board the advice and committing to change.

We as a membership-based organisation need to be consistent in how we approach the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, our constitutions need to be consistent in relation to Authorised Customers and Authorised Visitors and our processes and procedures need to be consistent.  It is time to take heed.

More Information

Call us at National Office on 0800 425 827.  Check out the news section on the website, there are a huge number of articles there including "Quick tips to help your staff identify Reciprocal Visitors" and download the model constitution and start reviewing your own constitution and preparing for whatever changes may be required.

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