Sports and Tournaments under Alert Level 2

20 August 2020

Sporting activities need to be completely separate from your food and beverage operation, this means members cannot have a drink or a meal while engaging in the sporting activity.  If they decide they want a drink or meal they must completely cease the sporting activity and go be seated, separated and served as per the hospitality rules.

Clubs must ensure that sporting activities:

  • have no more than 100 people
  • keep high hygiene standards
  • record attendees to ensure contact tracing can be conducted if necessary.
  • and that anyone showing cold or flu like symptoms does not participate.

Adjuncts and management should work together to develop and plan that works for your club and ensures compliance with the rules. 

Are your sports and adjunct activities able to continue?

Clubs need to carefully consider whether proceeding with adjunct activities and sports is viable under alert level 2.  Club Managers and Committees need to be comfortable that these activities provide a benefit for the club and members during this time of restriction (this includes whether it provides a financial benefit). 

Club Managers and Committees also need to be happy and satisfied with the safety plan that is put in place, just because x club down the road is doing it doesn't mean it is going to work, provide a benefit or sit right with your club.

Clubs New Zealand has prepared a check list of considerations for hosting sports tournaments under Alert Level 2,

Considerations for hosting sports tournaments under Alert Level 2

In regards to Clubs New Zealand Sporting Tournaments, Kate is currently communicating with host clubs to determine whether the tournament can go ahead or what changes may need to be put in place.  Any changes or updates will be communicated via the Clubs New Zealand website and sports newsletters.

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