Simplify your food safety practices with Chomp

28 October 2020

Simplify your food safety practices by removing the hassle of paper recording from your kitchen and replace it with Chomp's easy to use intuitive app. 

Our app will ensure you fulfil your requirements under the NZ Food Safety Act, and it will give you confidence that your food safety plan is up to date. Chefs and managers can access food safety records from anywhere, anytime and monitor the responses to any food safety incidents remotely. You can also keep the whole team informed with live audit reports.

Join over 3,000 users who love Chomp and start simplifying food safety. 

Check out this quick video to see how Chomp works. 

If you are a Clubs New Zealand member, sign up to our annual plan today for $699 + GST, and we will extend your first year's contract to 14 months, ($116.50 of value)!

How does Chomp work?

Chomp helps chefs and kitchens to simplify food safety practices. We’ve done this by removing the need for paper record-keeping, replacing it with our intuitive, simple to use app. We work with you to help set up your plan, train your staff to use Chomp and offer ongoing customer support with our expert team, who are based in New Zealand.

Chefs and managers love how Chomp engages teams, improves food safety culture and simplifies food safety verifications.  

With Chomp, you can:

  • See all of your food safety record requirements at the touch of a button. 
  • Be notified when food safety tasks need completing.
  • See a daily list of ‘incomplete’ tasks.
  • Add comments on food safety tasks. 
  • Feel confident with up-to-date food safety reporting.
  • Train your team in food safety and document that training is complete. 
  • See all of your records, anytime. All of your food safety data will be securely cloud stored.

Is Chomp right for me?

Chomp is for anyone working in a kitchen who wants to streamline their food safety practices and build a strong food safety culture within their business. If you are tired of trying to keep track of your paper records, (if they exist) and you want a better way to engage staff, then Chomp is the solution for you - we make food safety compliance and verification easy! Take our audit quiz to see how audit ready you are!

More about Chomp's Food Safety Training

A big part of a food safety plan is staff training and awareness. Chomp includes up-to-date food safety information which meets legislation and training requirements. Our online training tool gives your team the information they need to understand their roles in keeping your customers safe from foodborne illness.

Designed and created in NZ, Chomp is the preferred choice for food safety management. 

Join over 3,000 other users who love Chomp!

Contact:    Nicolle Marshall 


Phone:      021 2777 003 


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