Setting up Digital Advertising Signage

3 December 2019

We have recently received a couple of enquiries regarding recommendations for digital signage.  For those that don’t know the term, digital signage allows you to display information on a TV screen or monitor connected to your computer.  Often used to advertise upcoming events, drink specials, even food/snack menus can be scheduled to display a lunch menu during the day and a dinner menu in the evening for the restaurant.

All of these system have essentially two parts.  The first is the content management system which is where you setup what you want to display on the screen.  The second is some kind of player which plays the info from the management system on your screen.  The content management system is usually cloud based (i.e. hosted on a server somewhere else that you access from your office PC using a web browser like google chrome or edge) and the player will be on the PC/chrome box/android box, that is connected to your display screen/s.

Leigh has assessed more than ten different systems, ranging in price from free to several thousands of dollars, and they all do similar things.  The free options are quite labour intensive to setup, and require a knowledge of database administration.  For what its worth, the best free option Leigh identified was Xibo –  They also offer a cloud based option which is easier to setup, but costs money.  To be honest if you are paying, there are better options (see below).

Topping Leigh's list is Telemetry TV (  It is the best bang for your buck option with a monthly fee of US$7 per device for the basic system, and is easy to setup with a simple drag and drop system for adding content.  You could offset this, and possibly even make a profit, by offering advertising for your members businesses on the screen in between your own advertising and messages.

Telemetry TV will also display from android devices, chrome boxes, and windows 10 (not earlier versions of windows), and will work with video walls.  There is a list of recommended devices here -

For windows its just a matter of downloading the app which gives you a code that you enter into the content management screen and it automatically starts playing the playlist of things that you want to display.  Leigh tested this with his standard windows 10 box and it worked perfectly.

It also has a free 14 day trial so you can give it a try and we can work out any kinks before you need to start paying.

Click here to watch a youtube video Leigh put together showing how simple it is to get working.


Any questions, please get in touch with Leigh by emailing or phoning 04 830 6661.

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