Resuming Sports

28 May 2020

We know there are a lot of club members who are eager to get club sport back up and running and level 2 does present opportunities for recreation and sport to resume, but it is not business as usual and clubs must ensure that they can meet the Government requirements and that members are informed and able to cooperate with those requirements.

As per the Sport New Zealand Guidelines 'commercial' sporting venues including those with bar/cafe/restaurant facilities are able to open (hospitality operations must meet the public health guidelines for these operations.)  

Sporting activities need to be completely separate from your food and beverage operation, this means members cannot have a drink or a meal while engaging in the sporting activity.  If they decide they want a drink or meal they must completely cease the sporting activity and go be seated, separated and served as per the hospitality rules.

Sports falls under the gathering rules which requires;

Gatherings must:

  • have no more than 10 people (increasing to 100 on Friday)
  • keep high hygiene standards
  • record attendees to ensure contact tracing can be conducted if necessary.
  • You shouldn’t participate in any gatherings if you have COVID-19 symptoms or if you need to be in isolation for any reason.

Before making the decision to commence sport clubs will need to work with adjuncts to develop a safety plan which meets the requirements.  This will involve thinking about:

  • Ensuring everyone understands the principals and the implications on the club if the rules are not complied with. 
  • How you will identify and/or record the contact details for all those involved and present at the activity?
  • Can everyone wash and dry their hands before and after the activity?
  • How will equipment and surfaces be cleaned before and after?
  • How will you adhere to all the restrictions currently in place?
  • How will physical distancing be maintained between other groups?

Sports New Zealand have released a quick reference guide to helping groups work through their return to play plan

Are you ready to return to sport?

Clubs need to carefully consider whether they are ready to resume sporting activity under level 2.  Club Managers and Committees need to be comfortable that the sporting activity provides a benefit for the club and members during this time of restriction (this includes whether it provides a financial benefit).  Club Managers and Committees also need to be happy and satisfied with the safety plan that is put in place, just because x club down the road is doing it doesn't mean it is going to work, provide a benefit or sit right with your club.

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