Reciprocal Rights - Clarification

9 May 2019

Earlier this week a large number of clubs received an email from a Clubs New Zealand member club regarding recent changes and requirements being imposed upon them following the clubs recent licence renewal process. 

One of the requirements imposed upon the club regards reciprocal rights and required the club to communicate directly with other clubs they wish to have reciprocal rights with and receive a response back which they will need to keep on file.

This requirement imposed on the club has unfortunately led to a lot of confusion and a lot of emails being sent here, there and everywhere. 

If you were one of the clubs to receive the email on Sunday 5th May, we ask you to please show your support for the club and respond to indicate that you offer and accept reciprocal rights.  When responding please use the "reply" option and not "reply all" this will save everyone receiving hundreds of emails.

We want to reiterate and reassure our membership that this requirement is only being imposed upon this one club and the arrangement that Clubs New Zealand administers on behalf of our membership is still valid, in place and recognised.

What this club is being required to do is exactly what we at Clubs New Zealand do on your behalf which lets you focus on the more important things such as running your clubs and keeping your members and guests safe.

A brief overview of the Reciprocal Rights Arrangement administered by Clubs New Zealand

The Act defines Authorised Visitor (reciprocal visitor) as – authorised visitors, in relation to premises a club licence is held for, means a member of some other club with which the club concerned has an arrangement for reciprocal visiting rights for members.

Clubs New Zealand administers this arrangement for reciprocal visiting rights for members on behalf of our member clubs.

  • On applying for membership of Clubs New Zealand applicants are required to confirm that they extend reciprocal rights to all existing members of Clubs New Zealand and that in consenting the reciprocal rights will remain in place for as long as the club is a member of Clubs New Zealand.
  • Consent to reciprocal rights is renewed annually as part of the Clubs New Zealand Annual Membership Process.

Making sure your Constitution, Processes and Procedures are up to scratch

Simply having an arrangement for reciprocal rights is not enough, your constitution, processes and procedures must be up to scratch.

Over the last six months we have sent out a lot information regarding reciprocal rights, visitors and guests and what clubs need to be doing in order to meet their obligations.

If your club has not acted you must do so now.  Please refer to the articles linked below for more information;

Talk to us

If you are in discussions with reporting agencies or your local council and a compromise of any sort is put on the table including a compromise on reciprocal rights – seek advice! Contact Clubs New Zealand or get in touch with the team at Alcohol Consulting Group.  

If you wish to discuss the above please contact National Office on 0800 4 CLUBS.

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