Read this before turning your gaming machines back on

22 April 2020

Phil Lamberg of Aristocrat has provided some advice for clubs (which will apply to all gaming machine brands) to reduce the amount of issues that may arise from having your gaming machines off for weeks.

The main message is to NOT turn all EGM's back on at the same time as this can cause major faults.

Also the batteries, which store backup meter information during operation may have to be replaced, so the machine will lose its meters. This is different for each type of EGM (Manufacture and model) and battery used.

As there will have been no turnover during the inactive period any back up records if required will be with EMS or your own management system. Give your techs a call to replace the battery if this happens.

Aristocrats recommendation to operators is to:

  1. Power OFF all machines individually (internally) before switching on the Key (main gaming room) switch
  2. Turn ON the main room Key switch
  3. Turn ON each gaming machine individually one at a time

 If you have any further questions Phil can be contacted on 021 341 556 or contact your rep directly.


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