Protect customer information: Free online training

27 July 2017

If you have customers — or employees — you almost certainly collect personal information. Get up to speed on your privacy responsibilities with a new 30-minute training module from the Privacy Commissioner.

Get it right and people will trust you. Get it wrong and you hurt your own reputation.

Protecting customer privacy should be a key part of your business strategy. A breach of privacy can result in a loss of consumer trust, and a blow to your reputation. You also may need to pay the person whose privacy you breached.

Luckily, understanding the Privacy Act is now as easy as A-B-C. The Privacy Commissioner’s new online training module — called Privacy ABC — covers privacy rights and obligations in 30 minutes or less.

Privacy e-learning tools (external link) — Privacy Commissioner

Privacy ABC is free and can be completed at your own pace. It gives practical tips to business owners who deal with personal information, but don’t need to know every single aspect of privacy law.

Topics covered include how businesses and other organisations:

  • can collect and use personal information about customers and employees
  • should store and handle this information 
  • must check information and change anything that’s incorrect or out of date.

It includes examples of how businesses and the self-employed manage personal information safely — using Bill, a fictional food truck owner, as one of the case studies — and quizzes so you can test your understanding along the way.

If Privacy ABC leaves you hungry to learn more, move on to Privacy 101, another online tool that delves deeper into the Privacy Act.

(SOURCE: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment,

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