COMING SOON – Vaccine Pass Expiry to be added to digital membership cards

28 February 2022

We have added a green tick and ‘pass checked’ message to the digital membership card in the Clubs New Zealand App.  The stickers on the plastic cards were a great interim measure, but generally don’t account for a six month expiry date.  This way you just provide us with the expiry dates and we will look after it for you.  

Simply provide us with a member list including email address and vax expiry date as per the template below and we’ll load it onto your club’s digital membership cards.  That way your members only need to show the digital card from their phone and you can easily see if their covid vaccine pass is current.

Download the excel template here

The bonus is that if your members are using the digital cards then you no longer need plastic cards.  This not only helps the environment, but saves you money.  If you are paying $2 card with 500 members, that’s $1000 I’m sure that you can put to better use elsewhere in the club.

You will need to export your member list from your existing POS or Member management system as a CSV, and then copy the fields into our template in Excel.  Leigh has created a quick video regarding the upgrade and how to format your member list, you can watch this video by clicking on the image below:

Any questions, please contact Leigh –