NZ Covid Tracer App - It is now easier to get your QR code

11 June 2020

Now that we are in Alert Level 1 businesses do not need to be contact tracing and you can resume your normal procedures for identifying authorised customers and authorised visitors under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act. 

Under Alert Level 1 the expectation for contact tracing has shifted from a business requirement to a recommendation that individuals keep track of where they have been which is where the Governments NZ Covid Tracer App comes into play.  Businesses are being encouraged to get their QR code so that members using the app can quickly and easily log their visits to the club.

We had a number of clubs express their frustration at how difficult it was to get your QR code and you will be pleased to know that the process has been streamlined.

How to create your clubs QR Code Poster

Visit the Ministry of Health website here

Verify your identity

You’ll need a valid New Zealand driver licence to verify your identity. If you don’t have a driver licence, you can still request posters by following these instructions.

Enter your location details

Provide the physical address and contact information of your location

Get your official NZ COVID Tracer QR code poster

Receive your QR code poster via email once it’s ready

Display the poster at your entrances

Print out copies and display them wherever people enter your premises

Use of the NZ Covid Tracer App is voluntary for individuals so members are not required to scan the QR code on arrival but you should give members the option to do so if they wish.

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