New Harm Minimisation Database: CONCERN coming soon

20 February 2020

The National MVE (Multi Venue Exclusion) Administrator has been in touch with Clubs New Zealand to let us know that the Torutek (Designed and built the CONCERN Database) will be ready to launch very soon.

The National MVE Administration has been working with Torutek on various customizations, which is soon to be implemented. They are currently looking at how they can roll out this new database across to all Class 4 venues and what the implantation strategy will look like to ensure a smooth transition. The priority being that that no exclusions fall through the system during the transition.

The new system will enable venues access to an online web portal (venue profile page) that will have the option to add exclusions and also accept MVEs and will have a list of all active exclusions for that venue (think much less paper and much faster process).

Once the National MVE Admins Service starts to use it, the emails received by venues when an MVE is added in will have a link to log into the online database and action the exclusion. To ensure no exclusions fall through during the transition The National MVE Administration have tweaked the system to email out the exclusion request and the photo as it is being done now. This will be carried on until they are sure that all venues know how to access the online portal and use it.

The National MVE Administration and Torutek are currently working to produce guidance to assist clubs navigate the new system.  Ultimately the database will make it much easier and faster to complete the exclusion and MVE process.

More information will be published when it is available, until then keep up the MVE process as you have been doing.

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