National MVE Roll Out: Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay

30 May 2019

The National MVE (Multi Venue Exclusion) Administrator has asked Clubs New Zealand to communicate to members in the Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay areas to advise you that the National MVE Administration service is being expanded into your areas.

The Interim National MVE database and the National MVE Administration service was launched on the 10 September 2018 across the existing MVE regions.  The strategy was to implement the new framework across the existing regions and once smooth running was achieved then have it rolled out to the rest of the regions across the country.

Quick Overview of the MVE Process (simplified);

Service Provider Facilitated MVE:

  1. An individual will work with the Service Provider/Councillor to assess the suitability of exclusion for the individual. 
  2. The provider will assist the individual to complete a Provider Initiated Self-Exclusion MVE and this will be emailed to the National MVE Administer with the request and appropriate information. 
  3. Once the MVE Administrator has received the request they will email/post the cover letter including the photo and copy of the MVE request form to appropriate venue(s).
  4. On receiving an MVE request from the MVE Administration, the venue manager issues an Exclusion Order (use the ClubSmart Exclusion Orders found in your completed gaming forms folder) and post/email the clients copy promptly to the National MVE Administrator and a copy is retained at your venue.  In this case the venue is not required to send a copy directly to the excluded person, the MVE Administration will do this for you.

Please note that even if the person is not a member of your club, any request for an inclusion order whether it is made in person or via the MVE administration must be issued promptly.

See the full Multi Venue Exclusion Process Overview here

Hawkes Bay Venues Please note;

Te Rangihaeata will continue to visit venues to upload photos onto the digital photo frames at the venues and anything else requested locally.  To clarify;

  • Previously the venue received MVE Requests from Te Rangihaeata (service provider in Hawkes Bay/local MVE Coordinator) directly. Now the MVE Request is sent to the  National MVE Administrator to process and will be emailed/posted to venue by the National MVE Administrator (same as other MVE regions).
  • We are requesting all exclusion orders  be promptly completed and the client copy to now be emailed, or posted, back to the National MVE Administrator. Contact details on bottom of MVE Request Form.
  • Te Rangihaeata will remain your local liaison support for queries, notification of breaches etc.

Contact the National MVE Administration Service

All clubs in regions that now fall under the MVE Administration Service can touch base with them using the contact details below;

The National Administration Service
The Salvation Army Oasis

For more information on the MVE process please contact or get in touch with the MVE Administration Service (they are always ready to help).

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