MEDIA RELEASE: New Report highlights the broad, diverse, and significant Club Industry

24 March 2022

Clubs New Zealand says the new census report clearly reveals the club industry’s economic impact, but more importantly the impact that clubs have on their 300,000+ members and the wider community’s that they operate within.

The report produced by Clubs New Zealand, following a census of the membership, which took place between September and December 2021, provides an in-depth view of New Zealand’s club industry.  

“The report demonstrates how broad and diverse the club industry is, says Chief Executive, Larry Graham.

“Clubs New Zealand has a membership of 311 clubs spread across the country, ranging in size from 29 members through to 8,000+.  Our clubs offer a wide variety of services to their 300,000+ members and their local communities.

“Clubs are far more than bars; they are about bringing people together.  The facilities, sporting and recreational opportunities that clubs provide are the vehicle for members and communities to join together with others and share common interests. 

“The report shows that clubs employ close to 3,000 employees and paid salaries and wages in excess of $83,000,000 during the last financial year.  A further 6,000 volunteers ensured that our clubs operated and served their communities by contributing approximately 26,000 volunteer hours per month.

“We have always known that the contribution clubs make to their communities is large, but to confirm that the cash donations and “in-kind” contributions made by clubs to their local communities each year exceeds $4.2 million is huge.

“A collective revenue in excess of $262 million and assets exceeding $1 billion demonstrates to us that clubs are not a dying breed, but rather, they are significant and an important part of New Zealand’s social fabric.


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Clubs New Zealand Incorporated (Clubs New Zealand) is a not-for-profit, member led association representing more than 300 clubs around the country including Community Clubs, Cosmopolitan Clubs, Workingmen’s Club, Sports Clubs, and Returned Servicemen’s Associations (RSAs).  Collectively our clubs employ more than 3,000 people and are a home away from home to over 300,000 club members.  To find out more visit

Clubs New Zealand 2021 Census Report

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Clubs New Zealand 2021 Census Report

Clubs New Zealand 2021 Census Report