MEDIA RELEASE: Clubs New Zealand introduces its model constitution to support members transition to the Incorporated Societies Act 2022

6 March 2023

Circular 23-015

Relevant for Club Committees and Management

Clubs New Zealand is proud to introduce the Clubs New Zealand model constitution to ensure that its member clubs are supported and prepared ahead of the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 reregistration period later this year.

"For our members to maintain their incorporated status they will need to reregister under the new Act, and that involves ensuring that their constitutions meet the new requirements, says Chief Executive, Larry Graham.

"The model constitution has been developed specifically for clubs, going beyond the minimum requirements of the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 and looking at what governance and administrative elements should be included for a modern club.

"Clubs New Zealand sees a real opportunity for every club to reregister under the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 with a new, fit-for-purpose constitution that will support the club to grow and succeed well into the future.

"To support the introduction of the model constitution, Clubs New Zealand will be holding a webinar for members on the 9th March.

"The webinar will walk members through the new model constitution, identifying the things that the constitution must have to comply with the new Act, as well as the things that the club constitution should cover to support good club governance and best practice."

Clubs New Zealand members can access the new model constitution via the Clubs New Zealand website Resource Room.


For media enquiries, contact:

Clubs New Zealand National Office 0800 425 827

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Webinar Agenda

Webinar Agenda

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