Measuring Intangibles

23 August 2018

Measurement is a concept we all deal with in clubs, whether we realise it or not. We measure out 30ml of gin for our G&Ts, we measure how many cases of beer are left after the weekend, we measure how many meals were sold at lunch over this month, or how many sick days an employee took this year.

However, not everything can be measured so easily.  Things like happiness or engagement, trust or loyalty - they are intangible; and if we can't physically touch them, how can we meaningfully measure them and why is it important to do so?  Using cultural measurement tools makes these intangibles tangible and provides insight into your club culture.

Culture is "the way we do things around here", and more importantly, the way employees believe they are expected to do things.  Why is this important? Is it just the latest fad? From a practical operational perspective, culture impacts your retention, absenteeism and recruitment costs as well as staff engagement and morale.  Therefore, it has a significant impact on customer service quality and customer satisfaction.  Culture, quite simply, is your point of difference and competitive edge.

A club culture can be designed intentionally, however is also arises naturally because of the way people interact in the organisation.  To survive in the highly competitive hospitality arena, clubs need to proactively manage and measure their culture as part of their ongoing strategy to remain viable and relevant.

Commitment to the process

The committee and senior leadership team needs to be passionate about creating and sustaining a healthy club culture.  Culture measurement is about the long haul.  A positive team culture enshrines long-term success, as opposed to short term wins that may be achieved through fear or greed motivators.

However, a danger in regularly taking measures of culture is 'survey fatigue'.  The best way to combat survey fatigue in the workplace is by acting on the results.  If an employee is good enough to provide their honest feedback, but sees nothing come from it, they will be less likely to participate in the future.

(Source: Lena Bertuccio - ClubsNSW HR Services Advisor & Delna Dugdale - ClubsNSW Learning & Development Specialist, ClubLIFE August 2018)

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