Marketing etiquette for your business over the festive season

3 December 2019

Plan early and plan more than you think

Are you thinking about major changes to your website or looking to launch a brilliant new marketing campaign before Christmas? You might want to hold that thought! Social media is flooded with sales promotions and festive giveaways with everyone jumping on the Christmas bandwagon, so if you launch a new campaign at this time of year you run the risk of getting lost in all the Christmas noise. Our advice - stay active on your channels as you're currently doing but save your new marketing campaign ideas (and advertising budget!) for the new year.

Schedule posts in for New Year and Christmas period

Plan out some scheduled social media posts for when your office is shut down. This is good to do in advance and means that your social media pages will remain active while the office is closed. In the gap between Christmas and new year people often have more time to browse and there is less commercial content. The key thing to remember is that social media never sleeps and neither does the algorithm... so be sure to keep it happy with relevant and authentic content!

Let people know what your business holiday hours are

Sending an email to your customers to let them know when you’ll be away is a great way to avoid any end of year craziness! Putting your hours up on social media and on your website will also keep everyone informed and your customers can make plans around your business hours. 

Set up holiday hours greetings

If your customers usually contact you via Facebook, make sure you have updated your office hours and messenger greetings to when you’ll be available to respond. Psst don’t forget to turn on your out-of-office auto responder on your last day of work too!

Start the New Year off with a bang

Start getting excited about your marketing goals and content ideas for 2020 this side of Christmas. Have a look at upcoming trends and how you can be seen as leaders within your industry! Plan a ‘brain dump’ session with your team and you’ll leave feeling inspired heading into next year.

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