Loading exclusions within the Concern Database and Retiring the Fun/Unfun: Choice not chance posters

14 October 2021

Exclusion Orders and the Concern Database.

When you load an exclusion through the concern database by clicking Exclusions at the top then Add, this will load the person into the database for your club only.  You should also select 310 – Self Registered Problem Gambler and Approved Exclusion from the drop down.

If the person is looking to be excluded from multiple venues, you don’t add this through the Concern website.  Instead there is a form that needs to be completed so that a supervisor/councillor can contact the person and arrange a meeting to discuss.  You can find the form here

Completed referral forms must be sent to NationalMVEAdmin@salvationarmy.org.nz 

Please contact Leigh at Head Office if you have any questions.

Retiring the Fun/Unfun: Choice not chance posters

Te Hiringa Hauora | Health Promotion agency has noted that some of the old Fun/Unfun campaign posters are still up in venues. The licence to use the actors image has expired, so they would like to ask venues to take down any of the old Fun/Unfun posters they may have up. Please find attached examples of the posters.

If your club needs other posters please contact enquiries@clubsnz.com or visit www.gamblehost.org.nz to order new posters.

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