Lion refreshes Alcohol&Me website

13 August 2019

Lion has launched a new website for its Alcohol&Me training programme, which aims to help educate Kiwis around safe and sociable drinking.

The company originally created Alcohol&Me in 2012 as an internal staff training programme, which later evolved into an external offering for New Zealand businesses via a face-to-face facilitated workshop.  Over 4,000 employees have taken part in the training to date, with Fulton Hogan, PwC and Colliers International among more than 80 New Zealand organisations who have incorporated Alcohol&Me into their internal training over recent years.

Research commissioned by Alcohol&Me in 2018 found most Kiwis don't know what a standard drink is and couldn't accurately say how many are in the most common alcoholic beverages.  Three quarters were also unfamiliar with the nation's recommended healthy drinking guidelines.

The Alcohol&Me programme provides free evidence-based advice to help people make informed choices about how they drink alcohol.

Lion says 30,000 people have already engaged with the online programme, the equivalent of 19 Kiwis completing Alcohol&Me online modules every day.

To check the Alcohol&Me programme follow the link below;


This could be a great tool to include in your staff training package, not only is it educating them on their own drinking behaviours but also a great chance for them to learn more about what they are actually serving up everyday.

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