Letting your members know why your club is a part of the Clubs New Zealand Community?

18 July 2022

Clubs continue to evolve to meet changing conditions – from natural disasters and Covid-19 to the ongoing operational challenges.  And through it all, Clubs New Zealand is there with you.

Your club’s membership of Clubs New Zealand unlocks access to exclusive benefits and services that allow your club to grow and ensure the industry’s ongoing viability.  Clubs New Zealand always puts the interests of clubs and their communities first – and we strongly believe that you should be sharing this with your members.

The Benefits of Clubs New Zealand Membership

Clubs New Zealand is tasked with enhancing and promoting all aspects of club business.  We celebrate the uniqueness of each of our member clubs and have developed a wide range of services and benefits to ensure that each club can continue to operate for the betterment of their communities.

Member benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Help and Advice
  • Advocacy at a Central and Local Government level
  • Reciprocal Visiting Rights
  • Clubs New Zealand Sports and Tournaments
  • Conferences & Networking
  • Communications
  • Clubs New Zealand Insurance Services – Club Cover
  • Employment Advice
  • Best Practice Responsible Gambling Management Tools
  • Training
  • Resources and Tools
  • Clubs New Zealand Mobile App
  • Discounts, Products and Services via membermarket.co.nz

The Cost of Membership

Less than $5 a year per club member.  This will be included in the clubs annual sub and we recommend that you let members know that a portion of their sub covers the clubs membership of Clubs New Zealand.

Why you should be letting your members know

Alongside knowing that their club can get help and advice on how to be the best club it can, your members directly benefit from access to Reciprocal Visiting Rights, use of the Clubs New Zealand Mobile App, access to Clubs New Zealand Tournaments, and discounts via our partners such as VTNZ and Bluebridge.

Clubs New Zealand is incredibly proud of the benefits and services we offer to clubs and your communities.  Your club belonging to Clubs New Zealand benefits your members, therefore you should be highlighting and celebrating your membership of Clubs New Zealand.

Easy ways that you can let your members know that your club is a member of Clubs New Zealand?

Use the Clubs New Zealand logo

The Clubs New Zealand logo is available on the website for clubs to download and use.  We recommend including the Clubs New Zealand logo (linked to www.clubsnz.org.nz) on your club’s website and membership cards.

Tell your members why

Create space on your club’s website or social media channels to let them know that the club is a member and why.  A beautiful example of this can be found on Glen Eden Bowling Clubs website here https://glenedenbowlingclub.org.nz/glen-eden-bowling-club-has-joined-clubs-new-zealand-inc/

Encourage Members to sign up for the Clubs New Zealand Mobile App

By encouraging members to sign up for the app you are giving them access to their digital membership card, club locator, news and updates all from their mobile phone.  It also gives your club the option to reduce costs and plastic waste as members will no longer need a physical membership card.

Display Clubs New Zealand Posters or Digital Content

Clubs New Zealand has a range of posters, downloads, and digital imagery to help you let your members know that they can get more out of there membership with Clubs New Zealand.  These include printed posters advertising the Mobile App and the MemberMarket Place.  We also have a heap of printable and digital content on our website that you can use in newsletters, on websites, socials, or in-house display systems.

Make sure members know that a portion of their sub goes towards Clubs New Zealand membership

Your membership fee should reflect the Clubs New Zealand capitation and any other association fees that your club pays.  It is useful to provide members with a breakdown when they join or at renewal time.

Tag us on Social Media

Clubs New Zealand is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn - if you have recently hosted a Clubs New Zealand Tournament or Event, are letting your members know about the App or Reciprocal Rights, tag us so that your members know how to get more info.

Let members know that they can sign up to the Clubs New Zealand Sports Newsletters

Anyone can sign up to the Clubs New Zealand Sports Newsletters and we encourage your adjuncts to sign up so that they are the first to receive tournament news and updates.

Need more information contact the team at National Office on 0800 425 827.