Is it time to Ditch the Plastic?

15 March 2022

We have created an easier way for your staff to verify that your visitors have had their pass checked by the club.  Our solution adds a green tick and ‘pass checked’ message to the digital membership card in the Clubs New Zealand App.  The stickers on the plastic cards used by some clubs were a great interim measure, but don’t account for members having different expiry dates moving forward. 

Simply provide us with your member list including email address and vax expiry date and we’ll load it onto your club’s digital membership cards.  That way your members only need to show the digital card from their phone and your staff can easily see if their vax pass has been checked by the club.  No need for multiple apps and pieces of paper.

Once we have loaded your list, your members will gain instant access to their digital membership card simply by downloading the Clubs NZ App from the Play Store or App Store.

The digital membership card also provides your members with access to affiliated clubs throughout the country, and are instantly recognised nationwide by clubs with Infosign door systems.  Integration with other systems such as ClubPOS are under development.  Speaking of ClubPOS, you can keep up with all of the latest ClubPOS developments at our support portal –

Here is a brief ClubPOS demonstration video -

The Clubs New Zealand Digital Membership Card includes a unique QR code for every member incorporating your club number and their existing member number.  This makes integrating with your existing POS and door systems a simple process.

The bonus is that if your members use the digital cards, then you will no longer need plastic cards.  This not only helps the environment, but saves you money.  If you are paying $2 per card with 500 members, that’s $1000 that you can put to better use elsewhere in the club.

You just need to export your member list from your existing POS or Member management system as a CSV, and then copy the fields into our template in Excel (see template attached).  Here is a help video showing how to do this -

We don’t need or store any personal information such as birth dates, or addresses - all we require is name, email, member number, expiry date and membership type, and the vax expiry date.

Any questions, please contact Leigh –