Investing in Clubs Sports 2021

28 January 2021

In 2018 the Clubs New Zealand Board made a commitment to invest in Clubs New Zealand Sport.  Part of that investment has been in securing merchandise for participants, the continuation of prize draws and the ongoing review of Clubs New Zealand Sports.

Based on a review of feedback from host clubs and players we are going to implement some immediate changes to the Clubs New Zealand sports prize draws in 2021.  These changes will be monitored throughout the year with a view to introduce a fully revamped Clubs Sport offering ready for 2022.

$250 Bonus Prize Draw

For some time now every Clubs New Zealand Tournament has been given $250 to give away as a bonus draw to participants in conjunction with the $2,000 Prezzy Card Draw. 

In 2021 we will be discontinuing the $250 Bonus Draw and instead provide $300 to each host club as sponsorship.  Host clubs can use their discretion as to how the sponsorship is used.

We would like to see this amount increased in the near future and the board will be considering options ready for 2022.

$2,000 Prezzy Card Draw

The $2,000 Prezzy Card Draw will be continuing in 2021, however, we would like to see all participants go into this draw automatically when they enter the tournament, without the need to complete an additional entry form. 

We will be asking host clubs to provide a full list of participants prior to the commencement of each tournament for the purposes of entering the participants into the prize draw and checking eligibility to participate in Clubs New Zealand Tournaments.  Kate will communicate with Club Managers and Tournament conveners to ensure this change can be implemented smoothly.

Merchandise for our players

The products and ‘goodies’ that have been sent out over the last 2 years are always well received by conveners and participants and we will be continuing to provide these in 2021.  We are always looking to change up the offering and welcome any suggestions from host clubs and conveners.

Sports has always been and will continue to be an important part of club life, which means we need to be continually reviewing and refining the Clubs New Zealand sport offering.  If you have any questions regarding the above changes please contact Kate Smith, Clubs New Zealand Sports Coordinator by emailing or phoning 021 452 834.

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