Introduction and launch of the National MVE Administration Service

19 September 2018

The Ministry of Health recently contracted The Salvation Army Oasis to provide a Multi Venue Exclusion (MVE) National Administration Service (NAS). This was the result of a review (conducted by a group made up of the Ministry, DIA, industry and provider representatives) of how the MVE process was operating around New Zealand. The review identified a number of issues and inconsistent practices and included a recommendation that a national MVE administration service be established to manage the administrative part of the MVE process. The Salvation Army were awarded the contract following a competitive procurement process.

The Salvation Army Oasis National MVE Administration Service is looking to streamline and facilitate the Multi Venue Exclusion requests (MVE Requests).  MVE is an effective intervention for those impacted by gambling harm however the current paper based system is cumbersome and time-consuming. One of the MVE Review recommendations was to move to an electronic process to ease administrative burden and enhance sustainability of MVE.

MVE stakeholders are working collectively through representation on the Multi Venue Exclusion Implementation Working Group, which represents a cross section of the gambling sector including society, gambling harm service provider, Ministry of Health and DIA representation.  

The Salvation Army National MVE Administration Service has been working on setting up an interim electronic national MVE database that will be used to facilitate and manage the effective distribution of multi venue exclusion requests to venues (including Clubs) and notification to Societies and gather national MVE data.  We have been loading all current MVE requests onto the interim national MVE database and ensuring we have the correct venue/club and society information on the database.

The Salvation Army National MVE Administration Service are launching the new MVE database and national administration process now for all current MVE Regions except Napier - Hastings and Invercargill regions. These two regions will go live by the end of this month.

Please note there will be no changes for Clubs except for the following:

  1. who will be sending you and your venues the MVE Requests (now sent by the National MVE Administrator and not local MVE Administrators/Coordinators)
  2. we are requesting all completed exclusion orders to be emailed, or posted, back to the National MVE Administrator (and not your local MVE Administrator/Coordinator).

The clients copy of the exclusion order should now be emailed back to:

or Posted to:    

National MVE Administrator,
The Salvation Army, National Office ASARS, PO BOX: 24073,      
Royal Oak, Auckland 1345
Ph: 09 639 1106, Mob: 021190 7218

Please find below for your information the updated MVE Request Form, a list of current MVE Coordinators and the process overview flow.  Local MVE Coordinators will remain your local liaison support for queries, notification of breaches etc.  Any administration queries should be directed to Ganesh - National MVE Administrator.

Updated MVE Request Form

MVE Coordinator Contacts

MVE Process Overview

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