Interclub Magazine listing is not an approved Clubs New Zealand listing

10 June 2021

Each time an Interclub Magazine is released, we are inundated with calls and emails from member clubs who are rightly concerned that they do not feature within the "club listing".

The Interclub Magazine is produced by an independent publisher and Clubs New Zealand has no editorial jurisdiction.

The Interclub Magazine "club listing" is not an official Clubs New Zealand member list.  This means that the listing is not an accurate representation of Clubs New Zealand's membership and should not be used to reference clubs with Reciprocal Visiting Rights.  Clubs that are listed within the magazine pay a regular fee to the publisher to be there.

Clubs New Zealand manages the Find-a-Club directory and the club locator within the Clubs New Zealand app.  We also produce a printed listing of clubs with Reciprocal Rights which is updated monthly and available to download on the Clubs New Zealand website.  All Clubs New Zealand members are included within these official listings.

If your club requires changes or has concerns regarding the listing within the magazine, you will need to contact the publisher directly as we are unable to action any changes.

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